Congratulations Nik for the arrival of his newborn !!!


Congratulations to Nik and wife !


Just got the news from proud papa to his new born and second child. Alhamdulillah , mama and baby is safe. Baby prince charming (no name given yet) was born at 4.24pm today. Weight : 3.2kg. (sounds light..!). Looks like kakak (Nik’s daughter) has someone to look after after this ! Tahniah again to Nik and wife, missjewelz doakan semuanya berjalan lancar lepas ni, dan didoakan jugak anak-anak akan membesar (dengan sihat) menjadi mukmin dan mukminat yang hebat, berjaya dan berguna kepada keluarga dan masyarakat. Amin !


On the same note, another friend’s wife gave birth to a pair of twins on the 7th of February (Monday) at 11.50pm and 11.52pm.  New born weight 2.06kg and 2.71kg respectively. Congratulations to Sharil and Haniza !


Ironman Hafiz Wong (Ah Thiam) and Ayu received their second child, their first son, a couple weeks back. Congratulations !!!


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