Beginning Has Arrived : ‘Hurry Slowly now !” -TBB-

It was a full half day yesterday (day starts at 12 for me this Ramadhan). Did a few chores, and went to meet Azmar to ask him a few questions on HR.. then off to meet my lecturers to collect my recommendation letter. Iftar with 2 members from the X Team; Abe and Faiz. I had my 2nd Kyros Kebab at KLCC Food Court. But this time ordered the regular size instead of large. I don’t want to feel full too early. Haha.. ok.. So..straight to the dig… >> I thought I wanted to take a choo-choo train..didn’t realize until then it was a roller coaster I am on. I am not sure what the course is like, but it feels like this ride will be a challenging (-ly fast) one. Opportunity does not com easily and while some people are fortunate, other are not. I am late entree for the work force, but my own terms, I am fine as I am tracking my own pace. This is ideal. But the reality which is knocking (hard) on my forehead is telling me that my ideal is false, as everything at the moment, as I am typing this, is happening real fast.

My last finals was on the 20th June, then I was busy with preparation for PD Tri, the race it self, followed by MUDS. MUDS – busy managing the team, had no sufficient training for myself. At the same time tried to find time to complete my resume etc. After MUDS.. had to organize an appreciation dinner for the athletes..event report for the sports centre tak buat2 lagi..collected my academic transcript 2 days ago. I was and am very happy. No time to absorb this feeling as I had plenty of work that need to be done at the moment. And yesterday I also found out that 3rd October is my convocation date and That Desaru Triathlon is just a day before !!!! Ok.. I will worry about that next week.. just too much too handle at the moment. Too much is relative. So not a major worry for that one.. Late yesterday I also received a news that TODAY..(20/8/2010).. will be a big day.. Big as in for my work life.. And during sahur I was talking to my dad.. lagi pening..

So how.. when the beginning has arrived.. but so fast…!!!!!! Its beyond my control on this speedy of a roller coaster.. faster than normal roller coaster it seems..My words are rather vague. Those who are familiar with this can read in between the lines..By the way, I have officially graduated (alhamdulillah).. with a 2nd upper honours in the degree of human science (Psychology). And I am freaking out (NOT!!) i need to stop typing right now. The beginning starts today at 10am and I have to be there at least by 9.30am. Julie oh Julie…

no matter what I gotta keep on smiling, be realistic and should be as strong(if not stronger) as the Ironman in me. hahaha... this is life. not exactly a race. but u wanna do your best. this is it julie..this it..they throw me unto a desert pon i shall survive (talking to myself lah!)

Even 'dessert' can be challenging. Hahaha... Selamat Berpuasa to all my Muslim friends ! *chuckles*

To all who congratulated me on FB, THANK YOU !! ๐Ÿ™‚ Yes, Sofian u trained me well. but when ?! hihi.. Bandit, I like what u said and thank you again for the call. everyone else, i am very humbled with ur well-wishes ๐Ÿ™‚ Azmar, thank you for the pointers !


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    1. desert tuh ..nnt 1 day we have it ! ajak yaye. haha.. aerobar isnin akak bawak.ok?

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