Shahrom Abdullah at Powerman Austria 2010

Malaysia’s duathlete Shahrom Abdullah is the sole representer of this country at the Powerman Austria (Weyer). This installment of the Powerman Duathlon World Series 2010 kicks off at 11am today (Austria time , GMT : +1:00) near the National Park ‘Kalkalpen’, Upper Austria. At the Powerman Weyer 2004 Shahrom came in the 10th placing for Elite Category, and in 2006, he was 4th in his age group, at 20th overall. This year will be Shahrom’s 3rd Weyer outing. (he has also done Powerman Zofingen , apart from countless of other races outside Malaysia).

Powerman Austria 2004

Some photos of Shahrom from Powerman Austria (Weyer) 2004 (couldn’t find 2006 pics)

Shahrom Abdullah at POWERMAN Duathlon Weyer-Großraming 2004

Shahrom Abdullah at POWERMAN Duathlon Weyer-Großraming 2004

Shahrom Abdullah at POWERMAN Duathlon Weyer-Großraming 2004 (up, up and away mucho?)

Speedy Shahrom : POWERMAN Duathlon Weyer-Großraming 2004

The booty : 51:19.5/2:07:31.5/25:56.9. Overall time :- 3:24:47.9. Only 14 out of 148 participants crossed the finish line below 3:30 ! He was ranked #10 for men overall, and also scored the 10th fastest bike split ! Average pace , 3.66min/km - 36km/h - 3.65min/km

Powerman Austria 2006

2 years after his first Powerman Austria race in 2004, Shahrom did his second race and came in at 3:43:00.1. Still very impressive he was placed 2oth out of 116 participants. Overall he had the 15th fastest bike time, but dropped during his second run. Distance 14km-76km-7km . His time splits :- 55:20.8/2:13.25/34:14.3 . Average page for the 3 legs :- 3.952min/km – 34km/h – 4.89min/km . (missjewelz can only survive this pace for a few minutes only..!)

Powerman Austria 2010

This race will start today (Sunday, 22/8/2010) at 11AM local time. Distance :-  15.6km – 82.4km – 7.3km. According to the official website the run course is ‘difference in altitude per lap = 40 m – 60 percent roads, the rest are hiking paths relatively easy and flat.’ And the bike course:  ‘difference in altitude per lap = 650 m – less traffic, technicaly very demanding round course’.

Graphically here:

Course profile RUNNING
Run course profile
Course profile CYCLING
Bike course profile

Track our national duathlete, Shahrom here:- link

Austria GMT is +1:00, that is 7 hours behind Malaysia time.  Race starts at 11am Austria time ,(and according to Shahrom) 5pm Malaysia time !! Shahrom’s start number is 11. A quick scan through the start list shows that Shahrom as the sole representative from Asia ! woot. Oldest participant for Men Category is Tiefengraber Karl Heinz of Austria (67 y/0) and youngest entree is Hinterhölzl Lux also an Austrian (21 y/o).

To SHAHROM ABDULLAH (who i believe is taking his final zzzzz rest before the kick off),on behalf of all Malaysian duathletes and media (hello… i tak jumpa ANY media coverage on Shahrom doing Powerman Austria(didn’t find any media coverage on this..) ) ALL THE BEST TO YOU !

Shahrom is sponsored by MALAKOFF, Cannondale, Newton, Powerbar and Oakley.

More Shahrom info :-  (click on the links below)

Powerman Malaysia 2008 ProAthlete Profile

Powerbar Team Elite

Pacesetter’s Footloose | Pushing The Boundaries

Powerman World Ranking 2009/2010

Shahrom (middle) and me at the Powerbar Team Elite 2009 launch at TotalField. Photo taken after my Ironman race in Langkawi (note the red wrist tag !)

Powerman Austria 2010 |Interesting facts

– the new and extended bike course !

– Joerie Vansteelant won 4 Powerman Austria titles back to back from 2006- 2010. But I can’t find his name in the start list !

–  Top duathletes you would want to watch out for : Andy Sutz (Switzerland), Anthony LeDuey (France) and Karl Prungraber (Austria).

LeDuey is the current leader in the Powerman leader ranking .

Shahrom Abdullah (Malaysia) is ranked 49th out of 79 athletes in the lastest Powerman world ranking !

– both Sutz and LeDuey have taken part in Powerman Malaysia (2008)

(click on the red,bold + underlined links above to assess the athlete’s blog/website)

Powerman Malaysia 2010 | Please Du !

I missed the early bird registration by 3 weeks ! That’s a big miss ! LOL. Closing date : 30th September 2010. If you have not signed up, Please Du !

Click here –> official Powerman website or here to go straight to the registration page

Click here –>Powerman Malaysia registration

Just bear in mind that you are register first at the website for a username, before doing the actual online registration. This is Malaysia’s 9th Powerman installment. Be part of it ! Register NOW ! The categories : full distance, relay and sprint !

Powerman Malaysia 2002 : Geoff - WAY BACK WHEN... hihi..


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