Photography Service In Langkawi


Dear all,

My friend Shazly is offering a photography service for all of you taking part in the Ironman Langkawi next month. Contact info is as displayed in the poster above. Do drop by at the website too

Shazly and his crews did a great job last year covering the 17hours action packed event in Langkawi. And yeah, he did produce a beautiful album for me. 😛 Unforgettable memories preserved neatly in an album !

Here are some fotos which were included in my Ironman album. This is my 1st time sharing these hi-res fotos here on my blog. 🙂 For more info on the album and service, kindly contact Shazly. 🙂

Bike check in - photo by Jim Manan (Shazly's photographer crew)

Love this one. It was candid. - Pic by Jim Manan

Transition area , race morning. Pic by Jim Manan

Bike out (so we understand that i just finished a freakin'3.8km swim... huhuh.. )- Pic by Jim -

Another favourite shot. - Pic by Jim

Run , my 1st 42km @ Ironman..huhu...stand alone marathon belum lagi..! - Pic by Jim

Did i just cross the finish line?? huhuh.. *finally. phewww!* - Pic by Jim

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