Ride to Bukit Jalil

Salamz. It was my ,first night ride.. thanks to Acap and Eric.. We started from the ISKL (elementary) in Melawati, through Jln Ulu Kelang, a bit of Kesas before taking the exit the the National Sports Complex. Was partly excited and partly anxious.. (excited/anxious different meaning kan ??).. its my 3rd medium distance ride after Sempah and Ulu Yam with Jo.

Distance covered (to and back) : 53km

Time : tak tgk time sangat coz jakun first time kayuh malam.. haha.. no lah.. we started @ 9.30pm. Melawati- BJ (less than an hour.around 50-55 minutes..i think..) and BJ-Melawati around the same time length too..

Road surface : generally it was OK. the tyres still could handle it. but what you could expect more when cycling on Malaysia’s highway/roads, lots of small (and large) stones at the roadsides aside smashed/bits of glass from vehicle accidents. . Holes and pits too ! it was ok toward BJ but quite severe on the way back to Melawati. Especially near Ampang area.

Slopes and hills : I enjoyed the man made slopes very much. It wasn’t really steep that you have to stand, but was just nice to keep a steady speed above 25km/h.  or was it more?? from what ive read from a triathlon manual, the techinque approaching a hil/slope is important because the qoal of the ride is not only to overcome the hills but also to ensure that energy is conserved after the testing climb !

Traffic : the road traffic was smooth, no heavy jam. just that we had to navigate from lane to lane each time there were exits from highway. meaning, from the left most lane which is exiting to the lane next to it.. (faham ka??sorry,nie my 1st report..not sure of the right vocab !) 

Flat tyres : none ! Alhamdulilah !

Safety ; Do’s , Don’ts (and Did’s)

1. Protect your headAlways wear a helmet.

2. See and be seen…Wear bright fluorescent colors during the day.

3. Avoid biking at night…If riding at night, equip your bicycle with head and tail lights

and wear reflective clothing.

4. Stay alertKeep a lookout for obstacles in your path.5. Go with the flowRide with traffic, not against traffic. (Ride in the same direction as traffic.)

6. Check for traffic…Be aware of traffic around you.

7. Learn the rules of the roadObey traffic laws.

8. Assure bicycle readiness…Is your bicycle properly adjusted?

9. Check brakes before riding.

10. Check your wheels…”Quick release” wheels should be securely fastened

And the Dids –>

1. Left the rear light at home.. thanks Eric for ‘lighting my path…’ hehe..

2. Never owned a reflective vest. need to get 1 after this (as suggested by Eric)

3. Next round, need 5 or more cyclists for a night ride. Its dangerous to ride in a small group.

4. We did flag our intention to turn by hand signalling..

5. Obstacles ahead were signalled and precautioned by the leader.. way to go Acap !!

maiden night ride..

Overall : Satisfied and relieved that we managed to cycle to and back safely. Alhamdulillah. Wasn’t really tired after the ride, thanks to Power Gel !! Hahah.. The company and cooperation was good. Easier to handle as it was relatively a small group for a night ride. Thanks to Acap and Eric. It was fun and nice cycling with both of you. God Bless.


next time nak bring camera lah…


2 thoughts on “Ride to Bukit Jalil

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  1. Wow Ms Jewelzzzz, cepatNYA u dah muat turun our ever 1st NITE ride in your web blog b4 I do….

    Ya…think of it, really “MENAKUTKAN” lah…kayuh malam without proper NITE “ACCESSORIES” & more so on fast moving HIGHWAY….

    Anyway, GOOD to have those listed by u to remind those that want to tryout nite ride….

    Ok, til then,,,GOOD LUCK to your 1st (or is it second..?) SPRINT TRIATHLON in A Farmosa,,,we will be there to CHEER U!…..

    Sign off,

  2. Sweet Julie,
    Keep on riding, day or nite, you’ll be great on your bike.
    Good luck in your Sprint Triathlon @ A’Famosa!!

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