salamz and a good day to at the comp one here except to catch the 12.30noon van helsing show.awesome !!!! phew. 5 outta 5 i say.well,now that exam is FINALLY over,i get to do wuteva i want..heheh.finished 2 days ago.Friday itself most of my classmates went home.Then yesterday morning the ‘USM kelantan tour’ group left, leaving the 1st year fascilitator team behind.yesterday wuz a ll bit boring.went to the comp lab,wanted to write a new post,but was distracted by visitors from other school visiting the campus.sedikit ‘concious'<<1 of the fav sentence of tee kay see yenz.humm..tapi petang semalam best.if you people have been to TC(doh!) maybe its easier to imagine. I went to TC around 5pm with my friend’s siblings.Kecik lagi,form 1 sorang,the other 1 primary 5 .we went rock climbing along the shore line.the rocks there ayyo..a lil bit challenging..but we managed to get to the other side yg tak ramai orang pergi though we say at least 2 couples dating.forget about the couples,i went there to see the power of Allah Almighty.the scenery of the rocks,sea,the skyline..humm,very beautiful.. well,regarding the rocks..ada yg macam Pride Rock (in Lion King) if you remember. balik tuh ,penat tak ingat.i was more tired than my usual visit to the rocky zones.semalam gatal tak lunch .sent the kids home..ingat nak pi pasar minggu but then penat !!! ended up stuffing nan and fried rice at Taj Point.hehe..puas hati.then balik campus.Slept till morning.bangun 5.40am,woke my roomate,then off to SlumberLand again..darn.sedar2 dah 10.38am..heheh gonna be on holiday for 3 weekz!!! hope that this holiday will be better than the,dah lama gila tak dapat cuti lama lyke dis..oopzz..mind the spelling.not kewl la..hehe.erm,oh ya,if you notice,on ur left handside is a chat link chat with me if im online kay !!!! humm..cuti nie macam-macam plannyer..finish up a book or two..update my page,wutelse..spend time with my family la .per lagik..u know.. i juz find it weird whenever we’re on holidays,some of us tend to spend more time outside the house ,not with the family,but with frens or with their bee or gee efz.humm..bukan nak kutuk.serious..cuma nak ngomen siket those yang berkenaan..i mean,when we’re not on holiday,we’re at d campus,struggling with our,apa salahnye,bila balik tuh,spend la masa dengan yang sebaiknya with our family.i always put it like this,there’s no more precious group of people in our lives than our family.dah ada family tuh,buat la cara ada family.some other people tak bernasib baik seperti kita.born without family,or lost their family.disease,accidents,humm..where im going to ?? maksud aku,tak semestinya berkurung kat rumah,not like dat arr plz..spend quality time with the family..kay? as for myself,if i go home,i won’t go out at all..not without my family.we do go out to the mall or dine out.simply kewl to have the whole family day sometimes he’s busy with work,as a family member compensate la . and another thing,i know i don’t know when im going to end,or when another member of the family is..i always put it like show our love ,care ,respect and attention to them is not tomorrow,or after we really achieve what we want in life.It is now.That is the happiness of life to me,keeping myself happy by making my family happy and proud that they belong to a much blessed family. to know one of my family member fall sick,or get tangled up with wordly problem does stresses me out.whenever Allah Almighty gives a punishment it isn’t usually fall on to 1 particular person.Most probably to the other family members all the whole family it self.Even worse to the coming generations.We might not realise there and then,we might realise it when we ourselves have kids.Our kids may repeat the same thing what we did before..mistreat,undertreat..wutvea which may come possible.I once did a huge mistake.My siblings,boy ..really naughty at times.I couldn’t control my anger that time.I slapped my adik..humm..without thinking obviously.My pakcik tegur.He said,this isn’t the way..what i did was wrong. Things doesn’t have to work out through the hard and harsh way.From then on,I became more positive of treating and taking care of my family in a more responsible manner.Never shout at your parents,never make any sound or utter of disapproval.If tak setuju,cakap terus terang,with adab of course.The beauty of Islam is that we are thought these values..To apply it is not hard.Don’t think of what’s good for yourself,but whats good for everyone.I know whatever i am typing here may be typical words repeated all the time by our parents ot whoever guides us to the true path.But believe me,it is worth it to stay with me till the end of this paragraph.We may not know what we love until we lose them.That’s a fact right?And when we lose it,we cry,eternal grief overlies us.How much worth are our tears and sadness when we lost out beloved ones.Mula nak,come and think about it okay my friends.Ive known several people who loves their family,but what they get in return is only hate.Who is to blame.God bless you all.Something just came up.A friend of mine just rang a minute ago.He said ‘adik -beradik dia baru kena halau dari rumah..’..humm..kay,till next time.

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