salamz and a good day..

yesterday i wasted a lot of time..humm..tertidur around saturday 1530..woke up..Sunday 7.20am?!!..dat wuz what i thought when i woke up ..luckily its still Saturday..so you people out there,never ever ever sleep through or after Asar.boleh jadi gila!aku nie sememangnya gile,so,bertambah gila lah jadinya..muahahah.. 🙂

kay,nak sambung study nie..nobody here except me,Padli ngan bro yg jaga comp lab nie.today lab tutup 1700..!! petang nie rasanya kena dan wajib jog.dah lama tak jog.dat kinda explain my sleepiness in class. as web said last nite ‘ko nie tido memanjang!’ (…..eeee,malunya aku !!!!!!!)

tapi biasa la aku,sempoi tak bertempat..muz start controlling this ill-fated habit. help me out here kay?! kay lah,..bye..


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