kelas pukul 10!!!

iyak hiyak…nabilah’s reaction wuz so cute when ieja walked in and announced that the next class is at 10,not 9.30 am..yeehaa..more time in front the computer. 🙂 well,yesterday wuz kinda interesting. the roti nan i got for free the night before last night served as my late breakfast.the kueh which i bought for breakfast i thought i would save it for lunch,but instead it served my tummy for tea(which i don’t normally have).went jogging at 5pm..had a luvly time with my camera,snap here,there..use timer than placed it in the middle of the sprint test car that time obviously.ambil gambar kat taman bandar & kuliyah..i’ll upload the pics at my page tomorrow insyaAllah.then the pak guard ajak jog with him.ayyoo..i managed 1 round,tapi not with him la..laju tak ingat kalu jog ngan insyaAllah jog got PBL!!!yikes..hopefully not with the same Dr.

faziha on my right..timur laut is nabilah..depan is hafiz sulaiman..ramai gakz sister kat comp lab.. kay..God bless us all.


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