The Flasher Drama

missjewelz | wordpress | April 30, 2010

KUALA LUMPUR : I was walking from Star Ampang to DePalma, on the walkway, against the traffic as I’ve crossed the road somewhere before the Ampang Sports Center.  I first notice that something was amiss when I heard someone whistling that disgusting guy whistle, or whatever you call it. I was around20-25m away from the bus stop where the flasher hid himself (behind the bus stop). I did not look at him directly in the eye because I know what he was up to. So I just stood there, took out my phone and dialed 999. That telur kecut (meaning small balls) guy realizing that I was calling for help, started to run away.

What does a Leo do next? She chases after him. I saw 2 school boys sitting at the bus stop, asked them if they could help me chase the guy. Well, wishful thinking. They did not dare or couldn’t care less. Ok.. So the flasher manage to run through the bank of river/drain which cuts across from Jln Ampang to the junction on the other side heading to Taman TAR. I was already so mad at that time, trying to chase the guy, calling the police (both the operator and police were confused if I was talking to them or to the people who were at the scene), and also seeking for help. Obviously I only manage to attract onlookers. But no one offered to help or ask what’s going on.I noticed 2 guys and asked if they could help. I think they were about to go home from work, but since I asked them for help, and kept on insisting 1 of them could take me with the motorbike (they have a motorbike) to the other side where the flasher was heading to.They asked what did the guy took from me. Just told them that I just encountered a flasher and I have to chase after him !

Very kind of the guy. So, I continued my chase to the other side. I couldn’t see the flasher. He must have went down the river or somewhere. Went into some bushes behind a renovated surau. Couldn’t see anything.. I don’t know if I was inviting trouble but I started to shout for that guy, not exactly cursing him. Just like ‘calling’ out for him and don’t be a coward. I noticed a guy sitting behind the surau, I called him. Like 7 times. Loud. Hello, Assalamualaikum, semua keluar. I thought he just pretended not to hear. I went nearer and asked if he could help me, and if he have seen an Indian guy in a green tshirt passing buy. He signaled to me that he can’t help me (a.k.a couldn’t be bothered)… and then suddenly, I saw the flasher ! like around 8 meters away. He was hiding there. and then he escaped through the fence,and I lost sight of him. I did not go further as I couldn’t exactly see where the opening of the fence was. Plus the pakcik who helped me was still at the side of the road on his motorbike and I still had his extra helmet in my hand.

The flasher escaped through the bank of this drain here. I was on the far end. Pic taken after I came to this side via road, thanks to the Pakcik who kasi tumpang on his bike

It is quite an experience for me.  The flasher experience. The 1km chase. The seeking for help. The bystander effect. Oh, not to forget, the police did arrive at the scene. I asked if they could help me find the flasher. And they asked me ‘Macam mana.Jalan ke?’ (Meaning ‘how? by walking?’). I couldn’t believe that came from a policeman. humm.. Agak bodoh la soalan tuh(i though that was s tupid question coming from the police).. or maybe that’s their so-called procedures/protocol. They said, they can either take me to the station where I can file a report, or they can look for the flasher for me. I described the flasher to the police officer. But I said, no I am not going to file a report. For what?! Waste another piece of paper, some pen ink, their time and my time. No way.

They were already there but why could they not help me look for the guy? And you know what shit answer the police gave me ? They said they can’t take me in the car because it’ll look odd. WTH ?! Ok, and a lady in  cab tryina track the flasher who sexually harassed her is less important !

Ok, so the flasher is on the loose. And I swear if I ever see him again, I will see that he checks into a mental institution.

To all you ladies out there, if you see or ever experience anything like this in the future, DO NOT BE AFRAID. DO NOT RUN AWAY. Stand your guard, and call the police, seek for nearby help. If it wasn’t for me weak left knee I would have went after the guy through that river and if it wasnt for that kind Indian pakcik who helped me and waited for me, I would have went on and look for the flasher. BUT, i did think of my safety too. What if the flasher did hide and attack me out of from nowhere with a parang or some weapon? I was that brave coz there was still day light. There were a lot of people (which most tak boleh pakai..especially that Malay dude sitting near the surau talking on his phone.). If it were to happen at night where no one around at the isolated place, I surely wouldn’t have went after the sexual harasser.

And…what’s the point of having patrol cars and police when the most basic of complains can’t be attended to. Yes they responded to my call. But their actions of not being able to help me makes no difference if I were not to call them at the place. Just add to the drama that’s it. In fact, I was so gung ho chasing the flasher that I did feel I was in some kinda real life movie.

At that point, the adrenaline rush and tachycardia was so overwhelming that I did not feel threatened or secure. It was more like someone poking a stick to me continuously and annoys me. I was even updating the ‘event’  on my status..and texted a few people on what happened. Only after meeting Denis and showing him what i wrote in my status that it finally set in on me that I just got sexually harassed a couple of minutes ago and here I am trying to gather everything all by myself, and about to carboload for tomorrow’s event. I was sweating, quiet and couldn’t break a smile after that.

This is my 1st time encountering something like this, but certainly not my 1st encounter with sexual harasser. Even that chicky/flirtations kinda whistle a guy would do if he sees a girl counts for sexual harassment. The last time it happened to me, I actually walked back to the guy and told him off (by the way it just happened last week.. and i surely was not happy about it.) My online status sounded something like this.. :

“sign and symptom lelaki kecut telur :- pantang tgk perempuan je nak ber-suet (wuteva u call it). And bila dikejar balik oleh perempuan yg diuet ,kena sound and asked if he did it, tak nak pulak mngaku. To my guy friends, if u don’t want ur mum/Sis/cuz/wife/girlfriend kena like this by random rude strangers, don’t do it! N tegur org yg buat !”

Rewind 14 years ago, a guy on a motorbike took a nice squeeze on my butt while I was out for a morning run near my house. Crazy right? (sorry, i have had enough of cursing for today..)But I know there are lots of crazier things happening around me, as much as there are a lot of crazy people who are around us. So , please becareful. Guys, girls.

If you’re training and stuff,or even walking somewhere, SAFETY is numero uno. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

p.s. its a good thing im a Leo.. oh ya, need to read and study more on flashers. diseased mind+soul. they, need help.


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  1. you go girl for running after that crazy mofo. My only experience with a flasher was when i was 12 and i ran away crying after he flashed me. I sure wished i could see that guy now and kick him in the nuts hahha.

  2. Dang, looks like you were the one with the balls MissJ lol. If he was just close by, just kick him there in the nuts till they fall off. That’s showing him who’s boss. He must have be scared stiff thinking a woman would not retaliate. Boy, was he absolutely wrong meeting MissJ. A case of wrong time, wrong location, wrong person. Not for you MissJ but for him lol. Kudos and well done!

  3. sorry to hear about your bad encounter. the place is spooky enough for ladies. a few of my colleagues had the same experience themselves during late office hours, especially at the futsal junction. perhaps it was the same guy.

  4. but still its a bit dangerous to go after that guy, all by yourself that is 🙂 how we wish our society is more ‘ambil berat’ rather than ‘do not bother’ attitude. a thumbs up for what u did, but please be extra careful next time.

  5. Very proud of what u did. me and my friends manage to catch one here, when he flashed and followed my athletes. I think this one guy will never flash. My advise is better chase with someone u trust as it could always be a friend of one of this crack. U go Leo Women!!!

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