Xterra HOT ! – Xterra Desaru Special Edition 2018 (A belated race report)

Say Hello! Desaru ! The thought of revisiting Desaru after almost 9 years excited me more than the Xterra event itself. Desaru is known being super hot!! It is coastal beach area located in the Kota Tinggi district. If you are not familiar with Desaru, or Kota Tinggi for that matter, this post might be... Continue Reading →

Settling down- for now

With the maiden XTERRA done last weekend (6/6 - 7/6)I can finally settle down doing my own things (as for now!). No more traveling for event promos and races and no more hassling the suppliers and printers. It a blast of an experience for being able to be part of the XTERRA Crew. I initially... Continue Reading →

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