Caught in a sandstorm: An analogy

When you realise you're losing the rein as the horse gallops into the sand storm and unable to tell if you're running towards the enemy or turning back to the comfort of the familiar. . what would you do..? 1) Halt and look for shelter 2) Turn Hidalgo around to the suspected right direction and... Continue Reading →

Mufti Menk : On travelling, missing a train and meeting someone (A transcription)

(Transcription for MuftiMenkOfficial Instagram Live recording on 30th October 2017 by missjewelz)   =TRANSCRIPTION BEGINS HERE= Mufti Menk:  Assalamualaikumwarahmatullahiwabarkatuh my brothers and sisters. I want to share with you something  very interesting. Sometimes and we always say this..when Allah S.W.T. wants you to be in a specific place,at a specific time for a specific reason,... Continue Reading →

While my guitar gently weeps

One of those self-talk moments reflecting the life as it is. The power of memory and projection..and a tune by The Beatles made these notes come alive. Enjoy the short read! The beautiful human What makes you tick? What made you the person you are today? With objectives and end goals in mind, we march... Continue Reading →

Greetings from missjewelz

Salam and hello everybody !!!!!! I hope life is treating you good and you are all in the pinkest of health. Its been a hectic year so far, enjoyable at most and tiring at times but generally my eyes are opened wide enough to understand the true meaning of dedication, commitment and passion-- the similar... Continue Reading →

26,27,2008,2009 and in control

26 : my age this year 27 : my age next august 2008 : the year im 26 years young 2009 : the year i'll be 27 years young   when i was in my high school years, i cant really  imagine what its gonna be like when i hit the age 20. and now... Continue Reading →

Been a while..

Been a while since my last entry.. To tell you the truth.. I dont have a functioning camera anymore.. my Nikon sudah kaput.. and so is my Sony.. all i'm left with is an ole-skool film Olympus.. The 1st item I would place in my wish list this year , for my birthday this coming August,... Continue Reading →

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