Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon 2021: Registration is OPEN

So I have decided to give myself a birthday present to celebrate my 3Xth birthday -- I have received plenty loads of kind and inspiring birthday wishes. So to you all who took time to drop in my DMs, WA etc, Thank You! Yup.. So what is this birthday present ?? I have decided to... Continue Reading →

When you want something..

GO GET IT. PERIOD ! Bringing optimism to our daily breath is by choice. Whether we want to execute the plans in thought, or let it breeze away like the cool morning wind. The Yes and No that interplays is a game. The mind game. How keen and committed we are in getting to execute... Continue Reading →

20 more days to towerthon ?

hohoho... i'm in the middle of transcribing a survey interview for my research. been working on it for the past 6 hours and my mind is about to go...booms! *think Miss Singapore 2009*.. so..let me take break from it kejap (but definitely not break from typing as i am still typing..)..anyways, i saw in my... Continue Reading →

5 weeks to Powerman Malaysia 2009

Powerman Malaysia 2009 Hola amigos and amigas ! Initially Powerman was not on my 2009 list, until the last 7 hours before the closing date ! Registered under the age group 20-29, however the system picked up my registration as elite ! I must have forgotten to click after scrolling to the category in the... Continue Reading →

Settling down- for now

With the maiden XTERRA done last weekend (6/6 - 7/6)I can finally settle down doing my own things (as for now!). No more traveling for event promos and races and no more hassling the suppliers and printers. It a blast of an experience for being able to be part of the XTERRA Crew. I initially... Continue Reading →

from Gunung Nuang to Beijing !!

Off to Beijing tomorrow ! (",) pretty excited as this will be my first time to Beijing ! First time to China too.. i've been to Hong so long ago... nearly 18 years ago ! But Hong Kong was still under British rule in 1990. Anyway, I have finished packing ! So got to tidur... Continue Reading →

Post GE run Nite Ride @ Putrajaya

It’s been 4 days since GE Pacesetters Run. J My sore thigh muscles are better today, alhamdulillah.. thanks to the sports massage on Monday eve, the Tuesday eve 20 minutes jog and also the nite ride at Putrajaya with friends. Much better.. 2 days ago I was walking sideways up the stairs, and very slowly down... Continue Reading →

lazy thursday-ing

it wasn't the usual start for a Thursday. Class starts at 10am (Islam & Psychology). Due to acceptable reasons (cool&comfy room), I woke up 'late' today ; 6.30am. The night before I received 2 SMSes ; 'Slm. Mintak sume board Nadi@watan 06/07 turun 17jan 08', 7am , CAC (Culutural Activity Center), Baju no.3. Excuse letter disediakan.Hrp... Continue Reading →

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