A song from the past

I was going round and round Youtube last weekend (after a dreadful and tiring week at work !!!) only to stumble on this 70s tune which I once heard nearly 2 decades ago.. I must be around 11-12 years old when I first this track called 'Yellow River' from a band called Christie, together with... Continue Reading →

The Old ( Remember This ? ) and The New

Do you have any classics or oldies that you love to hum to ? Or jump upon listening it on the radio ? 🙂 I have plenty ! Some old songs which I listen to are not even the original version and have been covered by other artist. I.e. the ever famous folks song 'House... Continue Reading →

Loving Paramore

Frankly, if it wasn't for Twilight, I wouldn't have noticed this superb and ultra cool band. Any Paramore fans out there? This band is simply funky, grunge, hip and innovative, all blended in one. Say the combination of vibes of the Evanescence, Radiohead and  Linkin Park ? The vocalist of the band , Hayley Williams,... Continue Reading →

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