Cadence (and Stretching)

*before you get 'lost' in this post, the objective is to just share with you ONE of the many training skills that you can use to learn to pedal faster . To discuss how to cycle STRONGER, is ANOTHER topic that can be discussed on its own as it involves more force and strength. I... Continue Reading →

Stretching Tips ; Inner Thigh + (Iliotibial band) ITB

It should have been one of my busiest weekend with my pending assignments. I was stoked that by the end of the week nothing much was left in my mind, and the only thing which I knew would work for me to 'recover' from the stress was going for a bicycle ride, trail running or... Continue Reading →

5 weeks to Powerman Malaysia 2009

Powerman Malaysia 2009 Hola amigos and amigas ! Initially Powerman was not on my 2009 list, until the last 7 hours before the closing date ! Registered under the age group 20-29, however the system picked up my registration as elite ! I must have forgotten to click after scrolling to the category in the... Continue Reading →

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