Xterra HOT ! – Xterra Desaru Special Edition 2018 (A belated race report)

Say Hello! Desaru ! The thought of revisiting Desaru after almost 9 years excited me more than the Xterra event itself. Desaru is known being super hot!! It is coastal beach area located in the Kota Tinggi district. If you are not familiar with Desaru, or Kota Tinggi for that matter, this post might be... Continue Reading →

Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon Earns Industry Accolades

STANDARD CHARTERED KL MARATHON EARNS INDUSTRY ACCOLADES Malaysia’s Premier Running Event Bags Two Gold SPIA Asia Awards   Bangkok, November 2017: The Standard Chartered KL Marathon (SCKLM) cemented its pre-eminent position as the premier running event in the country by clinching Gold in two categories at the annual SPIA Asia event (Asia’s Sports Industry Awards... Continue Reading →

Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon 2017 (belated report)

2017: My reality It has always been a mission to keep fit and healthy especially more after giving birth to my kids. Prior to marriage I had the time of my life doing what I wanted to do and like in the sports realm. Adrenaline was the game and satisfaction was the reward. My yearly... Continue Reading →

Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon 2017 – Tips for runners

Hey everyone. THE marathon event of the year will be happening this weekend, and I am sure most of you runners, organisers and volunteers out there who are directly or indirectly involved are counting down to the big event. The event is officially kicking off tomorrow with the race kit collection happening at the KL... Continue Reading →

Avenue K (AK) Balloon Run 3.0 – This Sunday !

I've heard of balloon runs but never had a clue how it goes. Well, to my great luck I have received complimentary slots to the Avenue K Ballon Run 3.0 . Its happening this Sunday, just perfect to polish up some lost mileage (a darn good reason to run !)   Balloon collection starts at... Continue Reading →

Kisah al Sabtu dan al Ahad

KONGSI Kalau nak ikutkan bahasa, tajuk post ini boleh dicantikkan lagi. 'al' (bahasa Arab) diterjemahkan ke dalam bahasa inggeris maksudnya 'the'. al 'Ali meaning the tall one. Atau al-wahid, bermaksud yang satu. Bila merujuk kepada 'the' sudah sedia maklum makna yang khusus kepada apa/siapa yang dirujuk sebagai 'the' itu. Saya ni bukan lah pakar bahasa.... Continue Reading →


Abu Abu, all the best for the marathon in Switzerland ! Powerman will miss the Abu Power this year ! Nvm, there's still next year ! ehehe.. sama2 lah kita yek Abu! And to other friends taking part in any of the following events this Sunday (Nov 11) : ALL THE BEST TO YOU !... Continue Reading →

Penang Bridge Marathon – trouble…

After a month in the recruit , i decided to lay down and relax a bit, makan, tido, no traning wutsoeva... that was in May... practically the whole month i was eating, sleeping, and uhmm... eating.. and now its June and I'm in a big trouble here.... Help !!! * i'll help myself , no worries *..... Continue Reading →

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