Ramadhan Journal 2016 by iMuslim

Prolly the first time coming across a Ramadhan Journal. But why not? As a Muslim, we 'journalise' and document all things which we do including our expenditure on cold-pressed juices and parking fees, so why not on a our Ramadhan 'operations'. Its an encouraging and positive initiative by iMuslim.   iMuslim have the Ramadhan Journal... Continue Reading →

Good bye Ramadhan & Welcome Syawal !

Fasting month this year was nothing like the any other years before. It zoomed by.Fast, quick and swift. Alhamdulillah, everything went well, with the fasting.And this year's fasting I manage not to go to any ramadhan bazaar. Study, work and other activities continues as usual. . I was too busy with so many things else,... Continue Reading →

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