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Salam Jumaat kepada semua para pembaca yang sama ada kebetulan membaca entri ini.. and to those who have subscribed to missjewelz.wordpress.com 🙂 Been waiting for this breather to actually write ANYTHING.. boy it does feel a lil strange not being able to update this dearest blog of mine lately. Anyways, I hope its not too... Continue Reading →

Port Dickson Triathlon 2011 – race report

I was up by 4am last Sunday. Had 2 slices of left over pizza from Saturday's dinner and soup. Left KL at 5am, and was in Port Dickson by 5.50am... Yeap, I didn't realize before this that the travel time is so short. I was unusually calm (sampai awal punya pasal), which is a good... Continue Reading →

Yellow Submarine ‘retires’

MissJeweLz is officially announcing the 'retirement' of Yellow Submarine. She will be replaced by 'Blue Pill' d Jebelo, and ..(yet to be named). I'm very happy with my bike n run today (fastest bike split for me !!!). Swim sucks big time(like always). But nevertheless a good 2hrs 48mins effort today. *pats own back* :)... Continue Reading →

Kisah al Sabtu dan al Ahad

KONGSI Kalau nak ikutkan bahasa, tajuk post ini boleh dicantikkan lagi. 'al' (bahasa Arab) diterjemahkan ke dalam bahasa inggeris maksudnya 'the'. al 'Ali meaning the tall one. Atau al-wahid, bermaksud yang satu. Bila merujuk kepada 'the' sudah sedia maklum makna yang khusus kepada apa/siapa yang dirujuk sebagai 'the' itu. Saya ni bukan lah pakar bahasa.... Continue Reading →

Powerman Malaysia 2010 – A Race Report

POWERMAN MALAYSIA 2010     I have never had a more analytical race than this year's Powerman Malaysia, thanks to the 2 duathlon clinic sessions by World I.P.A. #1 Camilla Lindholm, my own observation and readings. Preparation and strategy wise, not so good though. But I must say, the long rest I have taken (of... Continue Reading →

Ironman report coming up !

heyya..dis will be like one of the most delayed Ironman Langkawi report. Been terribly busy the past 1 month after IM. Tomorrow I will finally be free enough to  sit down , share and do a write-up on my maiden Ironman !! 😛 More pics and stories to come. Can't wait !!! And no, never... Continue Reading →

Desaru Triathlon report

Part 2 Race morning Got up around 7.30 am.. Wasn't feeling so fresh eventhough I did have a good sleep. The night before already had a heavy dinner.. makan 2 kali tuh..and also free flow of ORS and also some bread, and .. Woke up,  mandi2 and then prepared breakfast..(mcm kat rumah).. huhuh..bread, Herbalife, water,ORS+water... Continue Reading →


After 3 sprint triathlons last year, I finally debuted in my first O.D. triathlon ! My first sprint race was in A Famosa Triathlon 2007, and this year kicked off the season in A Famosa again. I must admit, training for triathlon can be quite costly to some (me included) especially when your training areas are... Continue Reading →

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