Shape Run 2010 , Putrajaya

Will work 'slowly' to update on belated reports. I took part in the MUDS - Malakoff University Duathlon Series on Saturday morning, and in the evening I was in Putrajaya to support and cheer friends doing the Shape Run 2010 (12k and 5k fun run). Back up plan was to run IF i had the... Continue Reading →

Post GE run Nite Ride @ Putrajaya

It’s been 4 days since GE Pacesetters Run. J My sore thigh muscles are better today, alhamdulillah.. thanks to the sports massage on Monday eve, the Tuesday eve 20 minutes jog and also the nite ride at Putrajaya with friends. Much better.. 2 days ago I was walking sideways up the stairs, and very slowly down... Continue Reading →

Putrajaya with Nurina (delayed update!)

Another weekend outing. Last Sunday.Went cycling with Nurina. Met at her place as agreed. Drove to Putrajaya and started cycling at the info center car park. Lovely weather, it wasn't to sunny, some cool wind, and we were off. We didn't exactly plan which route to take, but we did 1 big loop around Putrajaya which my friend showed me... Continue Reading →

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