What’s the cost of an ‘impression’? A note to Gen-Xs.

If you are an observant person, or would like to be more observant on your IG posting reactions (its a reality check), take the number of Likes (in the photos with most likes in your IG), and divide it with the number of followers which you have. Times by 100. That's the percentage of people... Continue Reading →

Be yourself – just better

I detect that most if not some of us are hard-wired in sensing energy levels of environments, particularly from people who we meet, whether its a stranger, an affiliate, some one who knew from the past or those who we meet and converse with on daily basis. Energy in broad terms can be used to... Continue Reading →


The blackout That feeling and sensation when you are looming in pitch darkness. You are not quite sure what to do,where to move and how to even begin thinking what to do next. You may choose to accept the darkness and 'continue' to do whatever that needs to be done,besides you still have your other... Continue Reading →

Back- to- back

It keeps coming. Enough to keep my on my toes ūüėõ from the¬†Ironman training to the Ironman debut to the iron heartbreaks and now...to¬†exams. huhuh.. Juggling between academic and sports can be very tricky... I've 2 weeks¬†to go¬†before I can finally declare myself on a real break ! This semester is just too long and... Continue Reading →

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