Sundown Ultramarathon 2011 – and running it for charity

Salam and greetings everybody ! A 'little' something to share here. I will be doing the Sundown Ultramarathon 2011 in Singapore next month, a road event covering a short distance of 100km. :p All this primarily because Ironman Langkawi didn't happen this year and I just couldn't wait for it to happen, and hence registering... Continue Reading →

my weekend getaway

Abu went to Switzerland, work+jalan2+marathon+take photo. cik Julie went to Kuantan, holiday+wedding+reunion+breakfast by the beach+training. 3 days 2 nights, a marvellous weekend for me. Its semester break, and usually I’ll be staying back at campus, or prison myself at home. Not much of jalan2. But this time around, I had the perfect reason for a perfect... Continue Reading →

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