Pancake flat !

Ordered Yellow Cab Pizza on the way back after (a long day at) work yesterday. Got back, E! - ed over not 1, but 2 10inches Pizza.. ! OKay, I didn't finish em all.. just wanted to try out Yellow Cab to see if they are any better than Domino's, Larisata or Porto Romano.. Verdict:... Continue Reading →

MUDS 2008 Finale @ UPNM

PART 2 Pre race Ensured enough sleep, rest ,fluid&sodium the night before race. Didn't want to risk for a cramp or fatigue. Gears all dah ready.. Race baju dah gantung. Bike already at Major Kalam's house.So, senang sket. Race morning, parked at his house, and cycled to transition. Not many people, or was it the... Continue Reading →

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