‘Through the Fire’ by Omar Suleiman

Assalamualaikum and greetings everyone. We struggle to find the truth or explanation to everything occurrence in life, the good and more so the bad. We attribute difficulties as test and above which we have to solve. Like what I have hear before, this life is to be managed, and not to be complicated. With knowledge... Continue Reading →

Styling it Sporty Chic with Reebok !

If there is one thing which keeps a lady motivated, it surely will be keeping that fit and healthy look ON all year, year after year. You don't have to be at the gym to be rocking your sporty side as you can still rock that sporty look anywhere (think work, errands, your favourite TV... Continue Reading →

How to deal with energy and motivation suckers

How do I start this... I am blogging for the second consecutive time after midnight. Its takes 1 hour - 1.5 hours for me to churn and spill ideas out of this exhausted mind just because its just the best time to do so. Besides, I am left with not much me-time during the day.... Continue Reading →

When you want something..

GO GET IT. PERIOD ! Bringing optimism to our daily breath is by choice. Whether we want to execute the plans in thought, or let it breeze away like the cool morning wind. The Yes and No that interplays is a game. The mind game. How keen and committed we are in getting to execute... Continue Reading →


Hello hello !! 😛 You look really good today ! 😛 Yes, you ! We are sometimes so busy with our life and 'living' demands that we sometimes tend to forget to magically pause and simply cherish the beauty that life has for us. Too busy with work, date lines, presentations, write-ups and stresses. I... Continue Reading →

Powerman 2008 and Trikidz

Powerman Malaysia Powerman Duathlon d-day :- this Sunday , November 9th 2008. To all friends taking part as individual or in the relay, I wish you all the best !! 🙂 I will be going also ! Doing the individual event. So see you guys there at start line ! After start line, its your own... Continue Reading →

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