MH370: Part 5

One part of the story It's like a school without a principal. No headmaster to blow the whistle or raise his hand to signal silence, and observance. The prefects are not so reliable either, and they too are subject to joining their peers in making noise as they please in the absence of the 'big boss'. Imagine... Continue Reading →

MH370 : Part 2

If there is one thing that we should't give up, it is our silent prayers and hope that all those on board MH370, cabin crew and passengers are safe, and will eventually return home insyaAllah. This is not just a national situation that Malaysians are facing, but globally it is involving other nations as well.... Continue Reading →


My thoughts and prayers go to all those on board Malaysia Airlines MH370, their family members, and those involved directly or indirectly. Like most of us here in Malaysia, the news obviously was a shock to all of us. Imagine being in the place of the passengers' family members. I just learned after watching the... Continue Reading →

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