To Japan With Love – in NST today

Salam and greetings to all. I was suppose to write on PD yesterday, but other things kept me busy. But I have something else to share here today, thanks to Allen Lai who alerted me of the article featured in NST (Street section) today. Do take a look ! The online link here.  

Young Endurance Athlete (YEA) Triathlon 2009

In NST a few days ago ! YEA Triathlon 2009 registration form Kids of steel -- children 2009/10/05 By Anis Ibrahim PUTRAJAYA: Fancy seeing your son or daughter take part in a mini triathlon? Budding athletes are invited to take part in the Young Endurance Athletes Race 2009 which will include a bike race, a... Continue Reading →

Ironman 70.3 Putrajaya

"Duit ku sudah songlap ke...4 million from the government per year.. 2mil for each event.. Langkawi course lay out 20k.  70.3 reg fee = 350/individual..and relay myr600.. myr200 to swim 1.9km..wahh mahalnye..quality  ada baik ke..? you didn't hear it from me. okay?" [undisclosed source ] Wuteva ittis, i think Powerman and mr Chan's race lagi... Continue Reading →


After 3 sprint triathlons last year, I finally debuted in my first O.D. triathlon ! My first sprint race was in A Famosa Triathlon 2007, and this year kicked off the season in A Famosa again. I must admit, training for triathlon can be quite costly to some (me included) especially when your training areas are... Continue Reading →

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