Chasing the shadows : Part 1

The beauty of simplicity The room was dark except for the light at the entrance corner of the room. The little one was going round and round chasing her own shadow cast by the incandescent ceiling light above her. I watched full of enthusiasm on how she noticed the shadow sneaking beneath her, which disappeared... Continue Reading →

Recovering, and reminding ourselves

Recovering from a bad flu and fever after the hectic weekend. This coming weekend is PD Triathlon. Yikes, I am like so unprepared. Will be thinking twice whether to go or not to go as I have not missed PD since 2007. Anyways, I am just chilling it today, and tomorrow. Yuppy yup, on MC..... Continue Reading →

August 3rd 1982 and counting..

Salam and greetings to all. Just a simple post to thank all of you who wished and greeted me on my birthday (August 3rd) . This year I was not really looking forward to the special day. Maybe becauseĀ  nothing is really 'happening' at this moment of my life. I've slowed down on my training... Continue Reading →

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