Still got it !

MALAKOFF 12km I finished the run in once piece !!! I was really worried if I would shatter my legs into a thousand pieces yesterday due the fact that I have been off from any sort of training for the past few weeks ! Though I did manage to slot in a few sessions of... Continue Reading →


When the Vaio crashed Salam and Happy Sunday everybody ! I am writing this on my iPhone thanks to my Vaio which crashed-- and now going on the data rescue mode. NEW JOB It has been 2 full weeks for me. I started with my new job with a new company on the 3rd of... Continue Reading →

Life & Attachments

Attachments -- One of the things (among the other many things) that we come across and experience in our life. We're 'attached' to something of/from the past and the idea of nudging from that memory seems difficult. Some of us do find comfort and pride from our past. Sometimes relying too much on it that... Continue Reading →

Cubaan 2,3

I am doing it again. Blogging via phone and free wifi while getting my calf and hamstring pampered. Huhu.. Di mana dan bila masa (wherever and whenever) I feel like writing I will ! I haven't been getting enough of rest lately; body mind and soul are screaming for a vacation. 8 hours was granted... Continue Reading →

Beginning Has Arrived : ‘Hurry Slowly now !” -TBB-

It was a full half day yesterday (day starts at 12 for me this Ramadhan). Did a few chores, and went to meet Azmar to ask him a few questions on HR.. then off to meet my lecturers to collect my recommendation letter. Iftar with 2 members from the X Team; Abe and Faiz. I... Continue Reading →

Out of breath

Its already June 8th 2010.. and the much awaited June 20th is quickly drawing near. The past 1 month ++ have been amazing. The races and occasions which I've attended and taken part in , the people i met, the company, the thousands of photos from my race trips in my hard disk (which I... Continue Reading →


Hello hello !! 😛 You look really good today ! 😛 Yes, you ! We are sometimes so busy with our life and 'living' demands that we sometimes tend to forget to magically pause and simply cherish the beauty that life has for us. Too busy with work, date lines, presentations, write-ups and stresses. I... Continue Reading →

1 month after Ironman

A  come back Salam and Hi! again. Its been a month since Ironman Langkawi, and I kept to my promise for a full month recovery after the biggest triathlon race of my life ! Did not touch the bike, refrained from putting on the running shoes, and no swimming ! Total rest. At the same... Continue Reading →

26,27,2008,2009 and in control

26 : my age this year 27 : my age next august 2008 : the year im 26 years young 2009 : the year i'll be 27 years young   when i was in my high school years, i cant really  imagine what its gonna be like when i hit the age 20. and now... Continue Reading →

Friendship’s Value Revisited:Attempts by Eddie 2make Julie laugh

  Friends who are true Will stick to you like a Uhu glue They don’t slip away like an eel When you grab them as you squeal… Where is my soul mate ? Why is he so late ? Cos life is worth the living When you keeps on believing That friendships are friends and... Continue Reading →

Been a while..

Been a while since my last entry.. To tell you the truth.. I dont have a functioning camera anymore.. my Nikon sudah kaput.. and so is my Sony.. all i'm left with is an ole-skool film Olympus.. The 1st item I would place in my wish list this year , for my birthday this coming August,... Continue Reading →

4 down, 2 to go

Abstract : 1 of the heaviest semester for me. 6 subjects, 5 of them core courses, 18.5 credit hours.  So? What's the deal ? Result : accumulated stress for finals preparation and revision last minute revision assignments (duh..)  2 exams in 2 days ! 2nd last paper : Nov 10 Powerman : Nov 11 last paper... Continue Reading →

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