Tour de Langkawi Stage 8 report – Terengganu Pro-Asia Cycling Team

The stage 8 of TDL is the longest stage of this year's race covering 156.5km. Riders and staffs woke up to pouring monsoon rain, everyone dreading the day ahead. The race started with 1st attack lunched by Terengganu Pro-Asia rider Harrif, followed by multiple attacks and counter attacks. However, the 2nd GC rider team Androni Gicattoli... Continue Reading →

LE TUA 100 : Over The Hills and Far Away

Salam and Greetings ! Congratulations to all cyclists who participated and finished the LE TUA 100 ride !! And kudos to the organizer for doing such a great job which without we would not be able to have an enjoyable and eventful ride ! I am personally impressed with the organization and smoothness of the... Continue Reading →

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