‘Through the Fire’ by Omar Suleiman

Assalamualaikum and greetings everyone. We struggle to find the truth or explanation to everything occurrence in life, the good and more so the bad. We attribute difficulties as test and above which we have to solve. Like what I have hear before, this life is to be managed, and not to be complicated. With knowledge... Continue Reading →

Ramadhan Journal 2016 by iMuslim

Prolly the first time coming across a Ramadhan Journal. But why not? As a Muslim, we 'journalise' and document all things which we do including our expenditure on cold-pressed juices and parking fees, so why not on a our Ramadhan 'operations'. Its an encouraging and positive initiative by iMuslim.   iMuslim have the Ramadhan Journal... Continue Reading →

Bulan puasa (Fasting month)

Zero Training and Thigh Size This fasting season I'm pre-occupied with the academia.... Assignments, presentation, mid-terms..! And on the other side, not much of training..Nearly zero I must confess.. I have been eating healthy alright, but I can feel these thighs getting bigger and fa**er .. (the ** is not 'st'.. 'tt'? yes def.)...anyways, I'm... Continue Reading →

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