Some Jumbled-UPdates

Greetings there ! Apologies if you have actually been waiting for a blog post from missjewelz. Worry not she is still around, alive and kickin' like a happy horse ! yeeehaaa.. I have been extremely tied up with work I have to tell myself to shut off a little bit just to ensure I do... Continue Reading →

Underestimating the OrangBesi

The Road Show I was helping a friend, Karyan who was the organizer for the Fitness Concept Road Show at 1Utama today. Initially she wanted someone to 'help out' for event. And last minute she said she don't need one as the vacancy has already been filled. So I thought no need for me to... Continue Reading →

Ironman Langkawi 2010 : Update 6

On my way to the run course. Uncle Yap Sze Mun, Adeline, Kam,Farid(ayet) ,Barath, Peter Chan and Esmen is still finishing their last small loop. Arif and Randy DNFed(pulled out).Arif told me he had tummy problem and seem to be rejecting all the sports nutrition he's taking. By now, some or most of the PROs... Continue Reading →

Ironman Langkawi 2010 : Update 5

I'm still at the bike course. The flat stretch around the airport, 1-2km away from the special need station. Saw Simon Cross, Hafiz Wong . Both finishing their bike loop heading to T1. Yet to see Rahman, Dino, Yip, Kevin Siah and Chan Jun Shen. Pretty HOT here. Covering my foot (I'm wearing a sandal)... Continue Reading →

Ironman Langkawi 2010 : Update 4

I made it on time to 'listen' to the age group start. The 1st and 2nd Pro came in around 48mins : Luke McKenzie & #12. For the local triathletes, among the first few to come out of the water; Mansor, Kevin Siah and Hafiz Wong. Out of T1 according to the sequence: Hafiz Wong,... Continue Reading →

Ironman Langkawi 2010 : my list !

Quite a list of things to do by this Sunday.. Trying hard not to procrastinate. Might cycle later in the evening. Makan, continue work.. At the same time I've been compiling the list of my friends doing the Ironman Langkawi this year. This year I will take it from a different perspective observing, analyzing..and again, compiling... Continue Reading →

Ironman report coming up !

heyya..dis will be like one of the most delayed Ironman Langkawi report. Been terribly busy the past 1 month after IM. Tomorrow I will finally be free enough to  sit down , share and do a write-up on my maiden Ironman !! 😛 More pics and stories to come. Can't wait !!! And no, never... Continue Reading →

Triathlon : Azalina : Academies needed to uplift sport

NST Online,20/12/2007 SPORTS Minister Datuk Seri Azalina Othman Said feels that academies for triathlon should be set up to develop athletes with potential for the sport. "State Governments should work closely with triathlon organisers to develop academies in this country," said Azalina at the launch of the Ironman Malaysia Triathlon at the Sports Ministry in... Continue Reading →

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