Lyrically 2019 – Song review and video recommendation

It was a swinging 2018. Up, down and all the way around. But was concentrating more on my academic path which I am undertaking, and prepping for my lil one who is about to enter her first year in formal education. Now that she is in, it is about her adapting to her school life,... Continue Reading →

August 3rd 1982 and counting..

Salam and greetings to all. Just a simple post to thank all of you who wished and greeted me on my birthday (August 3rd) . This year I was not really looking forward to the special day. Maybe because  nothing is really 'happening' at this moment of my life. I've slowed down on my training... Continue Reading →


Hello hello !! 😛 You look really good today ! 😛 Yes, you ! We are sometimes so busy with our life and 'living' demands that we sometimes tend to forget to magically pause and simply cherish the beauty that life has for us. Too busy with work, date lines, presentations, write-ups and stresses. I... Continue Reading →

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