Assalamualaikum Dett….

Just last week, the tri/cycling community was saddened by another loss. It wasn't a road accident or anything of that sort. About 9am plus, I received a called from Bahri, an old triathlon/cycling buddy. So Sunday morning it was..I thought it was a bit of an odd timing for a phone call. But nevertheless I... Continue Reading →

Ramadhan Greetings

Salam and greetings to all my Muslim brothers and sisters. 🙂 Wishing you a Happy and Blessed Ramadhan. -missJeweLz- Ramadhan goals (things I wanna achieve for the next 30days): Puasa penuh lah..!!! Ibadah check. perfect timing. Finish up all my assignments !!!! Organize the RNR , Ramadhan Night Run in uni Buka puasa and Tarawih... Continue Reading →

SMS from Ngae

"Biopsy report today confirms non-malignancy in my brain. Thank 4 yr concern buddy. Likely dischgd today. With d urgent op thru my skull on Monday I cant b active in sport for 3 months. Will see u guys a bit later. It was a special experience. Thank all friends for the care and feeling. God... Continue Reading →

Perhentian Island Challenge- Part 2

This is the continuation from PIC Part 1. Just wanna do  a special shout out hiyah to all my new friends whom I met and made throughout the Perhentian Challenge. From the bus journey, to the sumbat-in-one-chalet- moments..hahahah...  Initially it was a team per tent. But since Bad, me, Diba and Zul tagged along frm the... Continue Reading →

Friendship’s Value Revisited:Attempts by Eddie 2make Julie laugh

  Friends who are true Will stick to you like a Uhu glue They don’t slip away like an eel When you grab them as you squeal… Where is my soul mate ? Why is he so late ? Cos life is worth the living When you keeps on believing That friendships are friends and... Continue Reading →


Some creative new abbreviation ? Haha.. I guess so ! Bored And Enjoying It ! .. I'm preparing myself for the final exams..shutting out other worldy interferences (except for my good friend here ) 🙂 To all of you sitting for the final exams, all the best !!!! My first paper is on the... Continue Reading →

my weekend getaway

Abu went to Switzerland, work+jalan2+marathon+take photo. cik Julie went to Kuantan, holiday+wedding+reunion+breakfast by the beach+training. 3 days 2 nights, a marvellous weekend for me. Its semester break, and usually I’ll be staying back at campus, or prison myself at home. Not much of jalan2. But this time around, I had the perfect reason for a perfect... Continue Reading →


Abu Abu, all the best for the marathon in Switzerland ! Powerman will miss the Abu Power this year ! Nvm, there's still next year ! ehehe.. sama2 lah kita yek Abu! And to other friends taking part in any of the following events this Sunday (Nov 11) : ALL THE BEST TO YOU !... Continue Reading →

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