Energizer Night Race 2010 – top 7 photos

I didn't take a lot of photos during the run last night, and have uploaded them at my online album http://missjewelz.shutterfly.com.  The official photographer website is http://snap-attack.com , where you'll find more photos, tagged. Congratulations to all runners 🙂 I hope all of you do recover well from the run. Don't forget to stretch (after... Continue Reading →

jewelz..and budakz budakz…

I seem to connect with kids. The cute sweet ones i mean. 🙂 This morning Subuh prayer at the mosque. Was so tempted to take fotos of these cute little ones in their telekong.  So adorable ! But the one in the pink telekong takdak gigi..gigi sudah hitam hitam..but still, cute ! Najwa is her... Continue Reading →


Some creative new abbreviation ? Haha.. I guess so ! Bored And Enjoying It ! .. I'm preparing myself for the final exams..shutting out other worldy interferences (except for my good friend here wordpress.com ) 🙂 To all of you sitting for the final exams, all the best !!!! My first paper is on the... Continue Reading →

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