Powerman Malaysia 2010 – A Race Report

POWERMAN MALAYSIA 2010     I have never had a more analytical race than this year's Powerman Malaysia, thanks to the 2 duathlon clinic sessions by World I.P.A. #1 Camilla Lindholm, my own observation and readings. Preparation and strategy wise, not so good though. But I must say, the long rest I have taken (of... Continue Reading →

5 weeks to Powerman Malaysia 2009

Powerman Malaysia 2009 Hola amigos and amigas ! Initially Powerman was not on my 2009 list, until the last 7 hours before the closing date ! Registered under the age group 20-29, however the system picked up my registration as elite ! I must have forgotten to click after scrolling to the category in the... Continue Reading →

MALAKOFF University Duathlon Series 2009 (MUDS)

The MUDS series is back.  It will be hosted by 3 universities :- Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN) Universiti Malaya (UM) Distances for the run-bike-run :- 1st leg | 19 July 2009 Sunday | 3km RUN - 13km BIKE - 3km RUN 2nd leg | 25 July 2009 Saturday | 3km RUN... Continue Reading →

1 month after Ironman

A  come back Salam and Hi! again. Its been a month since Ironman Langkawi, and I kept to my promise for a full month recovery after the biggest triathlon race of my life ! Did not touch the bike, refrained from putting on the running shoes, and no swimming ! Total rest. At the same... Continue Reading →

Powerman 2008 and Trikidz

Powerman Malaysia Powerman Duathlon d-day :- this Sunday , November 9th 2008. To all friends taking part as individual or in the relay, I wish you all the best !! 🙂 I will be going also ! Doing the individual event. So see you guys there at start line ! After start line, its your own... Continue Reading →

jewelz newz…hahaha…

MUDS 2008 Article and pics in the Utusan Malaysia as well as Kosmo.. !! Check it out !   Utusan Malaysia - Sukan lumba kembara tagih pengiktirafan IPT Kosmo - Berlari Mengayuh Berlari The few times i get to see my name and pic in the local newspaper..huhuhu...  but the online version don't have the... Continue Reading →

UM leg – MUDS (MALAKOFF University Duathlon Series)

No training wutsoeva between 21st to 26th July. So busy and many things to do. Come Thursday, planned to run and bike, but nothing could stop me from not to train.. ayyaa...anyway, before I could realize it the next moment was already Saturday. Set the alarm at 5.20am the night before. Race doesn't start till... Continue Reading →

News from Bernama

Shahrom Misses Bronze In Duathlon   PATTAYA, Dec 8 (Bernama) -- Malaysia finished empty handed in the duathlon event of the SEA Games here, with Shahrom Abdullah missing out on the bronze by just 10 seconds while a crash during the cycling part cost Mariana Mohamed a shot at the medal. The 28-year-old Shahrom, currently... Continue Reading →

Disturbing news from SEA Games 2007

Got this straigt from the horse's mouth :   1. Mariana was involved in an accident during her duathlon debut yesterday in Chonburi,during the cycle leg. No, not the Filipino duathlete attacking her.. a motorbike somehow found its way into the race route and actually hit her. Yes, masa race. Surprisingly she manage to finish the... Continue Reading →

SEA Games 2007 Duathlon official result

Rk Start number Name Country Run(10k)   T1 + Bike (40km)   T2 +Run(5km)   Totaltime Timedifference         Time Rk Time Rk Time Rk Time Time 1 2 Ryan Mendoza PHI 34:47:09 1 1:02:33:91 1 21:58:09 5 1:59:19:00   2 7 Amnat Srichat THA 35:15:93 2 1:08:46:07 6 19:12:93 1 2:03:14:93 3:55:84... Continue Reading →


Abu Abu, all the best for the marathon in Switzerland ! Powerman will miss the Abu Power this year ! Nvm, there's still next year ! ehehe.. sama2 lah kita yek Abu! And to other friends taking part in any of the following events this Sunday (Nov 11) : ALL THE BEST TO YOU !... Continue Reading →

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