Desaru 2010 Race Report Pt 2

Well hello there blog ! I kinda miss having that 'free' time to write and update whenever I want. Been busy after Desaru, and by the time to I have the chance to update  this space I am already exhausted  after a long day or busy preparing for dinner, and 'thinking' of hitting the road... Continue Reading →

Desaru Triathlon report

Part 2 Race morning Got up around 7.30 am.. Wasn't feeling so fresh eventhough I did have a good sleep. The night before already had a heavy dinner.. makan 2 kali tuh..and also free flow of ORS and also some bread, and .. Woke up,  mandi2 and then prepared breakfast..(mcm kat rumah).. huhuh..bread, Herbalife, water,ORS+water... Continue Reading →

A good tricky maiden half ironman at Desaru !

PART 1 Hope i did myself justice with the title for my Desaru Triathlon  ! I arrived at Desaru on Friday with no target time wutsoeva.. just wanna give my best shot and finish it. And I did.  🙂 Here's my result : Swim : 1hr 11mins Bike : 3hrs 15mins Run : 1hr 57mins... Continue Reading →

Just wanna finish it !

Given the best which i could afford to prepare for my final tri race this year.. and not only its the final one, but also my first Long Distance triathlon a.k.a. half-Ironman triathlon. Last year I completed my sprint tris series at Desaru, and this year's will end with a Long Distance race. Here's the... Continue Reading →

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