The Fool On The Hill

Congratulations Well سلام‎ and Hello there everybody ! It's been 2 days post-Powerman Malaysia and I am sure most of you who took part are on your road to recovery. It was a HOT HOT race this year I heard. The ground temperature aside, this year was the 10th edition of this event with the... Continue Reading →

Pancake flat !

Ordered Yellow Cab Pizza on the way back after (a long day at) work yesterday. Got back, E! - ed over not 1, but 2 10inches Pizza.. ! OKay, I didn't finish em all.. just wanted to try out Yellow Cab to see if they are any better than Domino's, Larisata or Porto Romano.. Verdict:... Continue Reading →

Ironman Langkawi 2010 : Update 4

I made it on time to 'listen' to the age group start. The 1st and 2nd Pro came in around 48mins : Luke McKenzie & #12. For the local triathletes, among the first few to come out of the water; Mansor, Kevin Siah and Hafiz Wong. Out of T1 according to the sequence: Hafiz Wong,... Continue Reading →

The Interview

I didn't exactly prepare thoroughly for the interview. But had some ideas and expectations of what will be asked. Come Friday morning, I was pretty relaxed. Kemas my room a bit, laundry, and then went for discussion at the library. Had to look up for past studies and journals regarding diversity at workplace. I'm taking... Continue Reading →

MUDS 2008 Finale @ UPNM

PART 2 Pre race Ensured enough sleep, rest ,fluid&sodium the night before race. Didn't want to risk for a cramp or fatigue. Gears all dah ready.. Race baju dah gantung. Bike already at Major Kalam's house.So, senang sket. Race morning, parked at his house, and cycled to transition. Not many people, or was it the... Continue Reading →


Ive never entered the uni library this early, (but 'report' punya pasal..).. 7.45am after baris pagi, already lingering in front of the library.(library opens at 8am..). waiting patiently to write in my MUDS final leg report.. mana yang sempat lah yek..i've class at 9. Here goes.. PART 1 The heat that morning was reminds me of... Continue Reading →

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