Sports chat and Port Dickson Triathlon 2011

Port Dickson Triathlon 2011 Pink ?! Hahaha.. It's crimson. Just trying something different from the normal black. Looks good.. anyways..PD Triathlon is just around the corner.. in fact.. just a week away ! It's a bit too late for any training. So I am just focusing on my weakest discipline which is the swim. There's... Continue Reading →

Runner Wanted

Team MPK (Majlis Perbandaran Klang) is looking for a lady runner to fill in for their runner and complete their mixed team line up for the ATM Triathlon, Melaka this weekend. If interested, kindly contact Iwan at 010-4397078. (team swimmer-Shabli(national swimmer), cyclist- Iwan Scoreboard. Thank you. P.S. : Please spread the word 🙂

Kenyir Lake International Triathlon 2011 – race report

5 years after my first triathlon in 2007 at A Famosa, I finally get to do the Kenyir Lake Triathlon. Some of my friends opt not to do Kenyir because it is far. As for me, I just want to give it a try considering I have not tried the course. I have heard the... Continue Reading →

Kenyir Lake International Triathlon 2011

Haha ! This is a teaser post for my maiden Kenyir Tri outing ! :p Really wish I can update it like NOW, but can't. So much to tell and share !  Will update malam ni insyaAllah. To all finishers at Kenyir International Triathlon, Congratulations !                  


Local and international sports event for 2011. Running, road cycling events, duathlon, triathlon as well as mountain bike events available here. Click on event to be linked to event's website.


2011 CALENDAR << CLICK TO DOWNLOAD<< CALENDAR LAST UPDATED AT 1515HRS, 22 DECEMBER 2010. Click on the events below for more info/registration. 2011 – SPORTS CALENDAR JAN 1 KLANG2011 JUL 2-3 GOLD COAST MARATHON 9 PACM TRACK MEET 2-24 TOUR DE FRANCE 15 PUTRAJAYA NIGHT MARATHON [postponed] 17 DIGI PACESETTERS 10K RUN, Kuantan 22 LARIAN... Continue Reading →

Desaru 2010 Race Report Pt 2

Well hello there blog ! I kinda miss having that 'free' time to write and update whenever I want. Been busy after Desaru, and by the time to I have the chance to update  this space I am already exhausted  after a long day or busy preparing for dinner, and 'thinking' of hitting the road... Continue Reading →

Desaru 2010 – Race report-Pt 1

PLEASE BE WARNED THAT THIS WILL BE A LONG POST. GRAB A COFFEE JUST IN CASE.. Muqaddimah (Introduction) As mentioned in my pre race write up, I was not ready. But the turn of events leading to Desaru, and on the race course was pretty interesting. Sports is a passion and hobby, and multi sports is... Continue Reading →

Desaru Datang Lagi…!

Desaru is just round the corner, and I am under trained..!! training tak cukup (meaning not enough !), swim yang tak seberapa, pastu pening tak arrange lagi accomodation and transport ke sana. pastu pening lagi coz right after race hari Sabtu (means Saturday in Malay) tuh kena terus balik ke KL..ayyaakk..poning.. I didn't have this... Continue Reading →

Port Dickson Triathlon : a B-lated Report (post basi)

It's3.30am and here I am glued in front of the computer screen. No didn't stay up. I slept while watching Jaco Van Dormael's 'Mr.Nobody'. Pretty interesting storyline about reality, possibilities and whether Nemo Nobody (name of main character) is living in the right life for himself, love the woman whom he was suppose to love... Continue Reading →

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