Sempah & Bentong Revisited

My first ride through G. Sempah after 2 years ! Cycled the normal JHEOA, Batu 12 Jln Gombak to Pekan Bentong (R&R 15 mins at Restoran Zaliah near Sek. Teknik Tengku Ampuan Afzan) and back. Weather was awesome. Pace: easy. No complaints. Video taken on the way back to Batu 12 as I was going... Continue Reading →

Staying fit during fasting month

High and Low I have not that much of mileage and load for training. Just a couple of key sessions per week. Face it, especially if you are working,and have a family, timing semua sure lari no matter how much you try adjust it. But there are no points that I am fretting here. Ramadhan... Continue Reading →

‘To Japan With Love’ charity promotion booth and some Ultra updates

Charity Promotion Booth this weekend ''To Japan With Love" charity promotion booth will be at Bangsar Shopping Centre (BSC), Jalan Maarof this weekend on Saturday and Sunday (11-12 June 2011) from 9am - 3pm. All welcome to visit our booth !! πŸ™‚ No free gifts or balls for you to throw into any hoops. Just... Continue Reading →

So I Miss Cycling

While I can't wait to share about the charity drive which my team and I organized this morning, I just have to express this.. I miss cycling !!!! Well, as evident in the pics uploaded above.. πŸ™‚ How's your weekend rolling along? Mine was sweet and a tad too fast ! πŸ™‚ I came up... Continue Reading →

Kuala Lumpur Towerthon 2011 – OPEN FOR REGISTRATION

Salam and greetings to all. The Kuala Lumpur Towerthon is open (finally) for registration. Click on the links below to for race info and registration form. ---> CATEGORIES, RULES AND REGULATIONS --->ENTRY FORM RELATED ARTICLES : SOME TIP FOR TOWERTHON TRAINING KL TOWER INTERNATIONAL FOREST TOWERTHON 2008 p.s. : Thank you to Ash (one of... Continue Reading →

Snaky run !

After 4 days of resting due to musculoskeletal pain over the coccyx (mtb punya pasal), I manage an hour run yesterday. I could have cut it short after it started drizzling and later heavier rain, but decided to continue as I haven't got any mileage for this week. So an easy run in the evening.... Continue Reading →

Tarik Kaki

I was just kidding and pulling my friend's leg when I said I don't know the brands he mentioned. There's no 1 formula to achieve anything on earth. In recreational and competitive cycling for instance ; 99% rider , 1% bike? 33% rider, 33%bike and 33% luck? Β They can be mixed up, cooked up any... Continue Reading →

Saturday Ride to Sg Lembing

The first time I attempted this route, I did quarter way before turning back. Unfit knees. This morning I returned and manage to do the whole ride with my kind and welcoming Kuantan cyclist friends. Thanks Ijan, Lan, Pokya, Lutfi,Zulfan, Saufi and the gang. Halfway met another 2 cyclists who happen to be a regular... Continue Reading →

Get Well Soon Esmen !

I woke up feeling all good this morning. Cool and fresh air, so chilly I laid down, feeling 'No way I'm getting out of this bed !'. It is a bliss to be getting a good sleep, and a bless to be waking up to a beautiful morning here in the East Coast, that I... Continue Reading →

Mizuno Wave Run 2010 – In Remembrance of Ngae [1954-2010]

A few minor dramas this AM. Woke up late and missed the 6.00am train from Cyberjaya to Lukut. A 120km ride but was planning to do 1/2 way before turning back with my support car. This morning cyclist tak bangun, driver support car pon tak bangun. haha. Lucky Kabi was OK with the back up... Continue Reading →

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