Tanda-tanda Sombong

Tanda - tanda Sifat Sombong - Part 1 Tanda – Tanda Sifat Sombong - Part 2 Something I would like to share with all of you. Untuk renungan dan peringatan untuk diri masing-masing. Click to download/view the 2 powerpoint files on signs of arrogance. (its in Malay okay). All photos from Google 🙂  

Selamat Hari Merdeka Malaysia

11.40pm 30/8/2010 Tanah Tumpahnya Negaraku Salam + greetings. Its Merdeka again. A special day to mark our dear country's independence. One day to reflect the rest 364 days.. What and where we are as the current citizens of Malaysia. Negaraku, Tanah Tumpahnya Darahku. So to me, its not about the fireworks and the crowd gathering... Continue Reading →

Why Practice Makes Perfect..

It felt chaotic.  Rainy and cloudy day.. It was as though I was in some carnival instead of a triathlon event. This is my 1st tri event for this year, but obviously not my first. I've done a few. But I don't know why today it felt different. We were to swim across the sea... Continue Reading →

In case you forgot this thing called CHOICE

Mere Plenty Greetings. I am getting fed up of people asking me why I don't this race, or that race? It's a CHOICE. As simple as that. There are plenty of races in Malaysia (and in the world) all year round, every month, every week, name the distance, name the discipline.Whether its road race, off road... Continue Reading →

Not blogging

I wanted to update on the race I took part in Tioman 2 weeks ago (8/5) , before the New Balance run. Or even right after. But after the news of Ngae's passing broke, I thought I would give this page a week moment of silence and not updating anything on training or racing. The... Continue Reading →

The Flasher Drama

missjewelz | wordpress | April 30, 2010 KUALA LUMPUR : I was walking from Star Ampang to DePalma, on the walkway, against the traffic as I've crossed the road somewhere before the Ampang Sports Center.  I first notice that something was amiss when I heard someone whistling that disgusting guy whistle, or whatever you call... Continue Reading →

Last Week : In Pictures

My life is made up by pillars and columns of family, loved ones, friends and those who I've met, said hello and goodbyes to. Loves love. And hates hate. Life is too short to waste on people who do not deserve you. It does not take a lot to be happy, as you can see... Continue Reading →

For real..?

I have been hibernating for a bit and focusing on other priorities. Started to get back in action to get some form n fitness back. I tell you, it's not easy . But it wasn't as hard as many months of holding back and telling myself that I have to be patient and keep focusing... Continue Reading →

Underestimating the OrangBesi

The Road Show I was helping a friend, Karyan who was the organizer for the Fitness Concept Road Show at 1Utama today. Initially she wanted someone to 'help out' for event. And last minute she said she don't need one as the vacancy has already been filled. So I thought no need for me to... Continue Reading →

Unlimited. Really?

Trying to be positive here. Time is constant. Time is unlimited. I have a lot of things to do (this does not give an excuse to me not to update my blog). Yeah, just like you people out there, when you're rushing around completing projects, preparing reports, attending meetings, if you're not careful you'll just... Continue Reading →

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