Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon 2017 – Race kit collection (18 – 20May 2017)

Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon 2017 – Race kit collection (18 – 20May 2017)

If you are a seasoned runner where yearly you’ve ran a number of races, the race kit/pack collection as you may feel, is part of ‘the’ event. The anxiety and nervousness if you would like to put it, starts when you attend the race kit collection — bumping into running and training buddies, ex colleagues etc.

The face which you will wear on race kit collection cum race morning, depends on your level of readiness and confidence. Here is where you need to take a step back before you get lost in the psyche of all this. Remember, essentially its a race against yourself despite running among the thousands. ‘What’s the total number of participants?’ , I over heard as I was standing in the queue just now — it’s 35,000 runners in total for all distances , mentioned in the official web site and press releases.

Just to share with you a view of a typical marathon major events see below for the total number of participants for all categories :-

London Marathon : 40,382 (2017) [total applicants: 253,930 (2018)]

Tokyo Marathon : 36,648 (2016) [total applicants: 309,824]

America Chicago Marathon : 40,000 [capped at 40,000]

Berlin Marathon : 46,950 (2016)


Closer to Malaysia, Singapore boasted 46,000 runners in 2016. The island nation holds this event annually, also under the Standard Chartered banner.


Back to Kuala Lumpur.

The race kit collection takes place from today (18th May 2017) until Saturday (20th May 2017). It is held at Hall 6, Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. If you are familiar with the area, you might have noticed a huge white tent outside the convention centre — well, that is Hall 6.

If you are walking, you can walk straight towards the tent (see pic below), else if you came through KL Convention Centre, chances are you will need to take 2 escalator trips (1 down, and 1 up) and pass through Hall 4 and 5 before heading out to the outdoor and ushered to a small flight of stairs to reach Hall 6. KL Convention Centre staff are on the ground, so you can always check with them the race kit collection venue.

On to Hall 6 

As the biggest canvas tent I have seen, the set up is pretty compact, no corners are wasted. Very good organisation of layout with race officials/staffs there to meet your queries.

There are a series of pens for different categories; 5km, 10km, Honda Half Marathon and the Full Marathon. So make sure you are in the right queue.

Things you should bring to collect your race kits :-

  • Original IC/Passport
  • A printed confirmation slip

If you are collecting on the behalf of someone, you will still need the confirmation slip with the runner’s consent. Click here for exact details.

The queue typically will be long, but with the dedicated staffs backing the collection counters, waiting time is not that long. My queue this afternoon was quite fast. So kuddos to the organisers ! I waited about 15 minutes (+/-) before I reached the counter. And about 2 minutes (+/-) for my pack.

Sports gear expo

Just right after you exit the race kit collection area, there will be a series of booths with all the sports gears which you need in case you need any, or some more. These include;

  • Lucozade
  • Seiko
  • High5Sports Nutrition
  • Brooks
  • Triathlon Shop
  • Ash be Nimble
  • Salon Pas
  • SEA Games
  • 2XU
  • Ironman Asia
  • Sunstar Ora2(Japan based dental products)
  • Reclaim (Sports Insurance)
  • Lorna Jane
  • Korea Tourism Organization (promoting 4 major marathons in Korea)
  • and many more !

So do bring some cash or credit card if you would like to get shopping at the expo !

There was a even a reflexology corner by the Malaysia Association of the Blind just next to the race kit collection area. You can get a foot massage there for just RM25. Their website here.

Prudential Healthy Life Expo

This is the last section you will pass through before exiting Hall 6. Well, I at least passed through as I was rushing back to work. Interesting activities and booths :-

  • Health screening (complimentary)
  • Cycling simulation challenge (there were road bikes on site.  oh how tempting!)

Check out the cycling simulation challenge — winner stands a chance to win a free entry qualification for the PrudentialRide London-Surrey 2017 – a world-class cycling festival with return economy flight tickets a 2 nights accommodation sponsored by Prudential. Now, beat that ! Anyways, do check out the Prudential Healthy Life Expo !

All in all, it did not took me long to complete my round at the race kit collection. Plenty of interesting things to see (and buy)–but I was rushing for time. If you have not collected your race kit, give yourself about 1 hour (1.5 hours max) if you really want to browse through the expos after collecting your race kit.

And of course, don’t forget to say your customary Hello (and selfies now..) if you see you running buddies. You’d be surprised to see the old faces resurfacing again. Running is a time-less sports, you just keep coming back.

All the best for your race day. On you marks, get set…..and Gooooooooooo !

Yours in writing,


18 May 2017, Kuala Lumpur

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Counting Down to 100

Only a few days away from Sundown Ultra and I must say I am numbly excited. Been trying to relax the body and mind. Not the easiest task around I must say. Nevertheless I truly appreciate the support shown and given by friends for my maiden Sundown outing. I need the motivation – I am like you, a human. But we know we are more than just a human. Right? We walk the earth bound for different destinations with different purposes. What is yours?

I can’t thank enough all the beautiful souls and hearts who came forward to support ‘To Japan With Love’ the charity program my team and I are working on. Whether it be a best wishes greetings, donation, passing the word and even recommending marketing/PR tips. All counts in coz I know it’s from the heart that you are giving and sharing.

Last weekend Najwa, Aliya and myself were at Dataran Merdeka (Larian Koperasi) for our last round of booth promotion. Thank you ladies for the help ! This weekend? I’ll be at Marina Barrage at 6pm with the rest of the ultras/ultra-to-be(s). I was asked numerous of times what’s my target. The target is to finish, and of course finish within the cut off. The cut off for the 1st 50km is 9hrs, cut off for 90km is 16hours and cut off for 100km is 18hours. Failure to meet the cut off will result in disqualification (DQ).

I will be at the event with the rest of the runners. The number of Malaysians doing the ultra is around 130- that’s the figure I received from the organizer. 104 men and 26 women. I wish all the best for all of you running the ultra. Semoga tamat larian dengan jayanya tanpa sebarang kecederaan (meaning ‘I hope you finish the run with no injuries’) .


The body+mind+soul : Psychologically + religiously speaking

What most of us are not aware of is that the whole entity of our being is very well connected. Like how your nail is embedded to the tissues below it, how your dermis layers are all interconnected right up to your muscles. The bonds are close and tight yet flexible enough to allow exchange of micro nutrition through our vascular system. Pressure, heat and pain receptors intersects these areas to protect the body from harm.

Any micro trauma or injury to the tiniest of space within the body sends signal to the brain, we perceive and feel the pain, and we react to it by various means- a simple ouch to a loud blast of OUCHHH.

Any trauma to the body, mind or soul will affect the other 2. Physiologically speaking, we know how continuous stress can lead up to acute heart attacks or prolonged depression. And we know how happy people are the healthiest people. It all works out to understanding this rather relation between these 3 (Mind, body, soul). If we don’t have anything good to say about anybody, than just keep mum/quiet. We don’t know how our own words or actions can ‘cut’ ourselves the same way we can’t imagine how those words and action can effect others mind, body and soul. You won’t know how cumulatively you can contribute to ‘killing’ or ‘murdering’ somebody just because you are not in favour of that person.

I may not be the most religious person around, and all humans can’t escape from flaws and mistakes – as from these we learn and improve from. The worst people are those who fail to recognize their own flaw yet are proud and ever ready to parade other people’s flaws. These are not my words. These are the reflections and values which I have learned. And yes, they are worldly Islamic essence which can be adopt by anybody no matter what race or religion you are.

In the end,i t’s all about protecting the human race. So remember the next time you do something – how it might ‘kill’ somebody without you knowing it. Show mercy as nobody is perfect. Even the most perfect of human, the Prophet Muhammad seeks for forgiveness from Allah Almighty. Are we any better than him (Peace Be Upon Him)? I doubt it.

Let us continue to walk our lives, to our own destination and through those various paths. Just remember to smile and make those people you pass by happy and they will do the same to you.



Aliya and Ms Jemaeiah at Larian Koperasi 1Malaysia, Dataran Merdeka.


Thank you for supporting To Japan With Love


The Patriotic Ms Jenny Lee, 56. She is a regular in the running scene. You won't miss her with the striking outfit. 🙂


With Mike, sports photographer from Cycling Asia. He shot the photo of my on Cycling Asia anniversary cover. 🙂 Nice to see him and his friends at Dataran. Mike : TQ for dropping by ya !!


All smiles. With Farah and Ann. Great company !


With Chap Ayam Runners kapitan , Azri together with Lili at Bukit Aman


With another follower of Nice of her to drop by the booth !


With deaf persons from RC Deaf Missions Malaysia. Do log on to for more info on how you can support them. I got myself a beautiful art piece produced by the gentleman next to me. The 2 ladies were so friendly and helpful. They taught me how to say thank you in sign language !

‘To Japan With Love’ charity promotion booth and some Ultra updates

Charity Promotion Booth this weekend

”To Japan With Love” charity promotion booth will be at Bangsar Shopping Centre (BSC), Jalan Maarof this weekend on Saturday and Sunday (11-12 June 2011) from 9am – 3pm. All welcome to visit our booth !! 🙂 No free gifts or balls for you to throw into any hoops. Just engaging the awareness of public to spread and share some love with our brothers and sisters in Japan. If you happen to pass Bangsar this weekend, or planning to have lunch at BSC, do look for us ! Our booth will be located in front of Cold Storage. Location map to BSC here. Special appearance by Singapore Blade Runner (SBR) at the booth !

Sharrif @ SBR from Singapore is in town to give a motivational talk at INTAN tomorrow, from 2.45pm to 5.45pm. He will also be running the Sundown Ultra. He will also be at 'TO JAPAN WITH LOVE' charity promotion booth on Saturday. Do drop by !!

Sharrif with Azmar, my triathlon buddy. He had his long locks chopped off !! 😦 aah,'ll grow back. kan Azmar?

9, 10,11….23,24…25 June 2011

As I mentally countdown towards D-day, many things are obviously playing in my mind. Looking back at 2009 where I did my first Ironman, I can’t for now, imagine what exactly was it which took me to finish the distance. Training? Will ? Determination? If you have not heard of Ironman before, it is basically a triathlon event offering a distance longer than the usual Olympic Distance (O.D.). In an Ironman the swim distance is 3.8km, followed by a 180km bike leg and a full marathon after (42.19km). How did I do it..? Many many people, younger, older (and older) than me have done it. So it is something possible. Ultra marathon ? I guess if you are a seasoned runner or an enthusiast newbie in the running scene, you may know already know that ultra running is basically anything more than a full marathon. My longest distance on foot was a 60km which I covered walking back in 2006 at the Penang 12 hour walk. I came in 6th for the women’s category. We walked at night (which was good), but I remembered I got bored and sleepy (just a  bit) during the walk. A couple months back I did the Sabah Adventure Challenge, which I finished with a pretty decent timing and placing. I came in 4th ! It was tough, with the extreme terrain and Borneo heat. Sun scorching hawttt but luckily there were streams and fountain where the runners were able to cool themselves off.

Core muscles

Singapore Sundown Ultra Marathon ? It will be legs, legs and legs on the surface, unlike triathlon where you are able to ‘rest’ certain group muscles as not all muscles are used in a particular discipline. But one of the thing that I find very true across all kind of sports, the core muscles has got to be strong. The stronger they are, the stronger your distal group muscles will be. Hence, the need of core training in no matter what sports you are involved in. For Sundown Ultra Marathon, the information provided to us runner show that it will be a big loop of 50km running out, and 50km running in back to finish line. U-turn point will be at Bedok. So imagine now running that first half (the 1st 50km).. I will be lucky to make it to the u-turn point between 7-8 hours. I trust my legs to do the pacing as I have trained them well to pace, not to get excited too early into the race.

Pacing and ‘spreading the burden’

It is all about pacing and not to over use any particular group of muscles at one time. This I learned through my experience in trail running/hiking where we tend to, at times, ‘allow’ certain group of muscles to do the work, you know, whether climbing up a steep hill or descending. Just imagine, quads, quads, quads to go up a hill..but we get ourselves into trouble going down as we still need that group of muscle to support us ! Muscle fatigue sets in and we try to shift the burden to another group of muscles.. It doesn’t work that way, at least for me. All muscle have to work in harmony to lift and move the body. Only then the burden can be ‘spread’ evenly throughout the body ,and energy consumption per muscle area is decreased, hence reserving more energy for the alter part of our journey.

Knowledge – the golden key

One observation I made towards the end of my Penang Bridge marathon last year is that my iliopsoas muscles are weak ! Because I know it is weak, than I should strengthen it ! And while I know that my core muscles support the other muscles in the body, I can’t leave it to general exercise or training to strengthen it. I still need specific core strengthening exercises to make my core stronger. Another aspect which I am looking at is sports nutrition(hydration included) :- ultimately important. I need to make sure I am ‘feeding’ my musculoskeletal system not only well but also right. I would not want to over feed or over hydrate it as well ! It is about knowing, and only through knowing you can understand the mechanics involved in a simple-to-the-eyes act of putting one feet in front of the other in a continuous manner. Only by learning you will know. So learn to learn. Listen to your body. READ UP. I can’t stress this any further. Isn’t it exciting to discover how our body actually works ? It is. Subhanallah. Same thing applies to things else, we can’t afford to be ignorant about anything, in sports and other wise. So, is an ultra possible? It is a definite YES to anybody out there who believes that knowledge (and not ignorance) is the key to any possibilities and impossibilities in this world. That’s why we say ‘I knew it!’, ‘I know you can !’ . Long lasting and beneficial possibilities are achieved with knowledge.

What is it for me?

To finish the 100km event in one piece, within cut off, no major (or even) minor injury. To prove, it is above all, a mental game challenge which I have to go through. That’s how adults play huh? With their minds.

My photo of the week is called 'Rage Against The Machine'. Took it last night after training.

Okay students, your assignment for tonight, get to know your leg muscles !!!


Tour de Langkawi Stage 8 report – Terengganu Pro-Asia Cycling Team

The stage 8 of TDL is the longest stage of this year’s race covering 156.5km. Riders and staffs woke up to pouring monsoon rain, everyone dreading the day ahead. The race started with 1st attack lunched by Terengganu Pro-Asia rider Harrif, followed by multiple attacks and counter attacks. However, the 2nd GC rider team Androni Gicattoli was determined to snatch the 2 second advantage from Nino Corredor of L2A cycling team through first two intermediate sprint time bonus. They set up a blistering pace in the rain covering 96km in 1st 2 hours of racing! The road surface was worst since the start of the race 8 days ago plus flooding in some sections of the road made the conditions almost impossible to ride…but the peloton marched on. One lone rider from Drapac tried a desperate solo move but only had 2 minutes before he was reel back.


Due to rain and poor road, the day was marked by punctures after punctures. TSG riders had 3 punctures including both Anuar, Harrif and Phuchong. Anuar had a mechanical due to excessive water, but our team mechanic was able to fix it on the fly. The last 20km, there were 9 riders managed to get away with 30+ second gap and they held a 15 second gap into the last 5km with a slim chance of succeeding. TSG riders were working hard at the front to set up Anuar for the stage win. Into the last 2km, the 8 remaining escapees still had 5 second before was finally caught before the last 1km mark, but at the same time the road became much narrow, the riders been caught broke up the sprinter train, Anuar and Harrif also lost out their position along with the point jersey Gardini and finished top 10 in the stage. Robert Foster from United Health took to the stage win.

Danny Feng

Pro Asia Sports Management

Le Tour de Langkawi (LTDL) 2011 : Stage 8, 156,5km : Kuala Pilah- Jasin



Le Tour de Langkawi (LTDL) 2011, Stage 8 : Wet and rainy day. It rained ALL the way ! and luckily no crash at all except for 1 involving a Japanese rider.




MISSJEWELZ 22 Jan. : Le Tour de Langkawi (LTDL) the 16th Edition kicks off tomorrow ! But the heat is already on, in Langkawi and the rest of Malaysia ! Okay, I don’t want to make this post sound so news-ish or too formal. It is, in the end just another blog that you may be ‘surfing’ by. I got the chance to be in touch with the team representative from Terengganu Pro Asia cycling team (TCG/ TCT=UCI code) – a pro team you would like (and need) to watch out for at this year’s LTDL edition. Hence the more reason to blog about this team which will be making their debut appearance in this international UCI recognized cycling tour. I ‘heard’ about the plan to form a team by Anuar Manan a couple months back from fellow cyclists from the east coast of Malaysia last year after a ride. I didn’t know it was going to be huge ! Read on.

A brief history

The team was actually put together around October 2010 and registered under the International Cycling Union(UCI). Just last year, and not too long ago ! Surprised? Well, it is not the word to describe my thought about it. I am not surprised. Just awed and impressed by the efficiency and determination involved in setting up this giant of team in so short period of a time. So congratulations to those involved in setting up this team. The team was co-operatively founded by the Terengganu State Sports Council and Pro Asia Sports Management.

Team line up

The 13-men strong team is managed by Ahmad Kamarul Idrus as team manager and assisted by Danny Feng, assistant team manage and representative. All 13 riders are pro cyclists *woot* who most you cycling enthusiasts might have heard and already know or heard of.

  1. Shinichi Fukushima, 38, Japan  (Captain)
  2. Motoi Nara, 29, Japan (Sprinter)
  3. Anuar Manan, 24, Malaysia (Sprinter)
  4. Phuchong Sai-Udomsin, 23, Thailand (Climber)
  5. Harrif Salleh, 25, Malaysia (Sprinter)
  6. Shahrul Mat Amin, 24, Malaysia (Attacker)
  7. Kim Do Hyeong, 25, Korea (Climber)
  8. Yusrizal Yusoff, 24, Malaysia (Domestique)
  9. Umardi Rosdi, 24, Malaysia (Attacker)
  10. Saufi Mat Senan, 20, Malaysia (Climber)
  11. Shobry Abdullah, 20, Malaysia (Domestique)
  12. Sharifuddin Kadir, 20, Malaysia (Domestique)
  13. Fakhruddin Marzuki, 19, Malaysia (Domestique)


The team comprises a lethal combination between Asia star pro cyclists and budding talents from the Asia cycling world is headed by Shinichi Fukuchima (JPN) and Anuar Manan (MAL). The newly formed team might not be ‘new’ at all as some of their cyclists have debuted and won more than just a few races. Last year itself, the cyclists from this team (before it was formed ) gained 17 international victories from various races i.e. Tour de Taiwan, Mi-aout Bretonne and Tour of Murray River, and on top of that made 40 podium appearances.

The Kuala Terengganu based team is supported by Terengganu state cycling coach Syed Hussein Syed Mazlan and their mechanic, Naim.

Terengganu ProAsia Cycling team (TSG) Star Riders

So it is not a surprise anymore that this particular team has, already, strong and accomplished achievement records. Some more scoop that you should know about the team star riders –Shinichi Fukushima, Anuar Manan, Phuchong Sai-Udomsin, Shahrul Mat Amin and Harrif Salleh, below :-

Shinichi Fukushima (Japan)

Winner of numerous races in Asia and Europe

2010 Overall winner of Tour de Okinawa

2010 Japan national time trial champion

2008 Tour de Langkawi best Asian jersey winner

2007 Tour de Langkawi stage 7 winner

2004 Overall winner Tour of Japan

2003 Japan national champion

Anuar Manan (Malaysia)

One of best sprinters in Asia

2010 Tour de Langkawi stage 5 and sprint jersey winner

2010 Tour of Thailand and Tour of East Java multi-stages winner

2009 Jelajah Malaysia stage 4 & 5 winner & sprint jersey winner

2009 Perlis Open stage winner

2008 Jelajah Malaysia stage 2, 3 & 5 winner & sprint jersey winner

Phuchong Sai-Udomsin (Thailand)

One of best climbers in SE Asia

2010 Thai National Road Champion

2010 Tour of Thailand best SE Asian jersey winner

2009 Tour of Thailand KOM and best Asian jerseys winner. 2nd overall

Shahrul Mat Amin (Malaysia)

One of the top riders in Malaysia

2010 Jelajah Malaysia stage winner and Yellow jersey wearer

Harrif Salleh (Malaysia)

One of Malaysia elite national team riders

2010 Tour of Murray River Australia winner of 4 stages

CQ Points

Just like any other world class sports, UCI uses the CQ ranking system to rank professional cyclists annually based on their participation, performance and achievements. From cqcranking.comCQ is short for Cycling Quotient. The CQ-ranking is a world ranking of professional road cyclists, based on their performances during the last 12 months. It can be seen as the non-official successor of the UCI-ranking which disappeared when the ProTour was introduced in 2005. Let’s take a closer look at Terengganu ProAsia riders’ CQ points and ranking ! The points and ranking is listed below in this format à [ CQ points, current ranking]  (previous ranking)

  1. Shinichi Fukushima = 89, 618 (prev. 950)
  2. Motoi Nara, 29, Japan = 8, 2160 (prev. – )
  3. Anuar Manan = 64, 769 (prev. 864)
  4. Phuchong Sai-Udomsin = 10, 1973 (prev. 1463)
  5. Harrif Salleh = 5, 2474 (prev. 2893)
  6. Shahrul Mat Amin = 46, 939 (prev. 2783)
  7. Kim Do Hyeong = 2, 2931 (prev. 2930)
  8. Yusrizal Yusoff, 24, Malaysia
  9. Umardi Rosdi, 24, Malaysia
  10. Saufi Mat Senan, 20, Malaysia
  11. Shobry Abdullah, 20, Malaysia
  12. Sharifuddin Kadir, 20, Malaysia
  13. Fakhruddin Marzuki, 19, Malaysia

Terengganu ProAsia Professional Cycling Team Sponsors

Main sponsor – Terengganu State

Co-sponsors – Champion System, Shimano, Meitan, Kabuto

Debut Team Appearance at Le Tour de Langkawi 2011

The team hopes to have stage wins and making it for the top GC (general classification= category that tracks overall times for bicycle riders in multi-stage bicycle races. Each stage will have a stage winner, but the overall winner in the GC is the rider who has the fastest time when all the stage results are added together). On top of that, Anuar Manan said that it would be a bonus for the team to be ranked top ten, in the 10 days tour that will see 23 teams competing. The coalescence of international and local riders and blended with the rich experience of Shinichi, speed of Anuar and Harriff, team chemistry and team work is hopes to give and edge for this state professional cycling team in their maiden ‘outing’. As quoted by Danny, Team assistant manager, Danny Feng, no matter how well prepared the team is, there will always unexpected events in the race. TSG alongside LeTua Cycling and the national cycling team will be the ‘local’ team to watch out for in this year’s LTDL. Fingers crossed, I hope all teams will do their best.

Terengganu ProAsia Line Up for LTDL 2011

  1. Shinichi Fukushima
  2. Anuar Manan
  3. Puchong Sai-Udomsin
  4. Mohd Harrif Salleh
  5. Mohd Shahrul Mat Amin
  6. Saufi Mat Senan

Missjewelz supports LTDL

As much as I ‘wish’ to become a sports journalist (huh?!) , I will do my bit, from this side of the peninsular to update on LTDL. My best wishes to ALL teams taking part. To media members, I will be hunting your info, database and photos to be scooped and shared in here. To Danny Feng, assistant manager and representative of Terengganu ProAsia Cycling team, thank you for your support and help. Much appreciated !

Terengganu ProAsia – Photos
















Jubilant : Malaysia 3 – 0 win over Indonesia (AFF Suzuki Cup 2010)

I am not a recent follower of Malaysia football scene nor am I an enthusiast Man U or English League. But with all the hype from the Malaysia 3-0 bashing over opponent team Indonesia, I must say that I am really proud of the Malaysia Team ‘Harimau Muda’. Harimau (pronounced hur-y-mao) is Malay for tiger and Muda (moo-da) basically means young. I used to watch football matches as a young girl (huge supporter of Pahang team yo.), but that was long time ago, in the 90s.  Zaman Alan Davidson, Zainal Abidin, Dollah Salleh,Fandi Ahmad).  Stadium Makmur, Stadium Merdeka — I remember the days as a kid watching my favourite team on the pitch.


Jersey kuning hitam with a matching cap — together with family members. I missed those days. Now I do not have any favourite team (at state level), but with the rise of  Harimau Muda, well, it’s time to give full support to our footballers. Couldn’t help a grin to myself as I listened to the radio DJ on FlyFM chatting with listeners about THE long awaited game last night at Bukit Jalil National Stadium. Just one thing about Malaysian football (and the whole sports scene actually) , we should stop taking ministers or whoever already politically connected to hold vital post in any sports association. Stop these courtesy calls for ‘unfit’ candidates for the crucial position. Unless, if, they are reliable and sports-credible+wise ! All the best to the Harimau Muda for the 2nd leg of the semi-final happening in Indonesia !


SAFEE Sali (kiri) merembat bola tepat ke gawang gol selepas menerima hantaran daripada Norshahrul Idlan Talaha (tiada dalam gambar) pada perlawanan akhir pertama Piala Suzuki AFF di Stadium Nasional Bukit Jalil, malam tadi. – AP

The Squad

Ketua Jurulatih: K. Rajagobal
Penolong Jurulatih: Tan Cheng Hoe
Jurulatih Penjaga Gol: Mohd Faozi Mukhlas


Penjaga Gol
1. Khairul Fahmi Che Mat (Kelantan)
2. Sharbinee Allawee (Terengganu)

3. Mahalli Jasuli (Harimau Muda)
4. Mohd Razman Roslan (Selangor)
5. Mohd Sabre Mat Abu (Kedah)
6. Khairul Helmi Johari (Kedah)
7. Mohd Fadhli Mohd Shas (Harimau Muda)

8. Mohammad Muslim Ahmad (Harimau Muda)
9. Mohd Asrarudin Putra (Selangor)
10. Mohd Faizal Mohammad (Harimau Muda)

11. Mohd Amri Yahyah (Selangor)
12. Amar Rohidan (Perlis)
13. Safiq Rahim (Selangor)
14. Kunanlan Subramaniam (Negri Sembilan)
15. Mohd Ashaari Samsudin (Terengganu)

16. Khyril Muhymeen Zambri (Kedah)
17. Gurusamy Govandar Kandasamy (Harimau Muda)
18. Mohd Amirulhadi Zainal (Selangor)

19. Safee Sali (Selangor)
20. Norshahrul Idlan Talaha (Kelantan)
21. Izzaq Faris Ramlan (Harimau Muda
22. Mohd Faizal Abu Bakar (Kedah)


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Malaysia Cycling Events 2011

JAN 16


JAN 16


JAN 23 – FEB 1


FEB 27


MARCH 9-13




APRIL 8-10






contact : ALICE CHIM 012 5068369

Penang Bridge International Marathon 2010 – my maiden standalone marathon (its all about pacing)

Did my first marathon in the running leg of Ironman Langkawi 2009. My splits:


RUN – 5.1 km 9:05:18
4 km @ 32:54
RUN – 9.1 km 9:33:25
4 km @ 28:07
RUN – 13.1 km 10:02:05
4 km @ 28:40
RUN – 17.1 km 10:30:27
4 km @ 28:22
RUN – 21.1 km 11:01:30
4 km @ 31:03
RUN – 25.1 km 11:32:36
4 km @ 31:06
RUN – 29.1 km 12:05:42
4 km @ 33:06
RUN – 33.1 km 12:38:55
4 km @ 33:13
RUN – 37.1 km 13:08:54
4 km @ 29:59
RUN – 41.5 km 13:35:24
4.4 km @ 26:30
TOTAL RUN 42.2 km (5:10:03) 7:20/km 290 6

Last Sunday, did my first standalone. Again, no specific training for this one as I have been tied up with work and travel. Nonetheless, manage to pull this one through. I was a 4:30 pacer, but did not do a good job pacing. I wasn’t exactly sure who paced me most of the way except a few guys. I won’t regret that I registered as a pacer. It was a new experience for me. But it would have helped if the distance marker were accurate and rational ! The splits below are based on the official result with the ‘weird’ distance markers.


RUN  3.722km    3.722km @ 27:19     7:20/km

RUN  18.679km  14.957km @ 1:37:48  6:32/km

RUN  21.137km  2.458km @ 17:33    7:08/km

RUN  32.988km  11.851km @ 1:21:28  6:52/km

RUN  37.789km  4.801km@ 29:58   6:14/km

RUN 42.195km   4.406km @ 27:18  6:11/km

Total run 42.195km (4:41:34)  6:40/km

To get a 4:30 marathon time, at least this should be the pace :-  6:23/km

Detailed splits (in mins):

1 Kilometer 00:06:23.93
2 Kilometer 00:12:47.86
3 Kilometer 00:19:11.79
4 Kilometer 00:25:35.72
5 Kilometer 00:31:59.65
6 Kilometer 00:38:23.59
7 Kilometer 00:44:47.52
8 Kilometer 00:51:11.45
9 Kilometer 00:57:35.38
10 Kilometer 01:03:59.31
11 Kilometer 01:10:23.24
12 Kilometer 01:16:47.18
13 Kilometer 01:23:11.11
14 Kilometer 01:29:35.04
15 Kilometer 01:35:58.97
16 Kilometer 01:42:22.90
17 Kilometer 01:48:46.83
18 Kilometer 01:55:10.77
19 Kilometer 02:01:34.70
20 Kilometer 02:07:58.63
21 Kilometer 02:14:22.56
22 Kilometer 02:20:46.49
23 Kilometer 02:27:10.43
24 Kilometer 02:33:34.36
25 Kilometer 02:39:58.29
26 Kilometer 02:46:22.22
27 Kilometer 02:52:46.15
28 Kilometer 02:59:10.08
29 Kilometer 03:05:34.02
30 Kilometer 03:11:57.95
31 Kilometer 03:18:21.88
32 Kilometer 03:24:45.81
33 Kilometer 03:31:09.74
34 Kilometer 03:37:33.67
35 Kilometer 03:43:57.61
36 Kilometer 03:50:21.54
37 Kilometer 03:56:45.47
38 Kilometer 04:03:09.40
39 Kilometer 04:09:33.33
40 Kilometer 04:15:57.26
41 Kilometer 04:22:21.20
42 Kilometer 04:28:45.13
42.195 Kilometer 04:30:01.27

This was mine :-

4 Kilometer  27:19 (+1:44)

19 Kilometer  2:05:17 (+3:43)

21 Kilometer 2:22:50 (+2:04)

33 Kilometer  3:44:18 (+13:09)

38 Kilometer 4:14:16 (+11:07)

42 Kilometer  4:41:34 (+11:33)

The ‘+’ basically shows how far (in minutes) am i BEHIND the actual pace for a 4:30 marathon. If I were to run faster than the actual pace (for a 4:30 marathon) it would be a ‘-‘ sign instead. Simple math right?

As for the principle of pacing itself, I think my strategy did fit in the ‘template’ just that I started off too slow, and didn’t have a gradual pick up as I went across the race. It was more of a plateu and a slow decline in the pace before I picked it up on the last 10km. Even then it was a bit too late as I pushed hard too early the last quarter ( thanks to the distance marker) , and having to slow down in the end ( thanks to the HEAVY unconditioned undertrained legs AND sea of 10k runners swarming ALL FOUR lanes of the road– leaving no path at all for the half and full marathoners going the opposite direction)

I want to write a bit more, but gotta rush back home..its way past ‘working hours’! will update and upload some pics from PBIM in this same post. Don’t forget to come back ok !!


Penang Bridge International Marathon 2010 – MY FIRST FULL MARATHON MEDAL YO !!

Penang Bridge International Marathon 2010 - That smile of pain... Nearing the finish line.. i think.. Thanks Miow Chin and khokl74 for this pic. p.s. : 'bila la aku nak dapat kulit cerah sikit niehh...''

signing off and will sambung(continue) later,



continued 6.37am , 24 November 2010

report proper : (will keep em short and precise !)

Days leading to my maiden Maratona

Zilch training/running. Had Powerman (a duathlon event consisting a 11km run-64km bike-10km run), and rested WELL within the 6 days leading to Penang Bridge International Marathon. Got into a little unlucky mishap on early Saturday morning en route to KL (from the east coast). I was fine. No plans of cancelling my ‘little’ run in Penang. No rest since then. But gotta rest a  bit on the way to Penang.

Been eating as usual, just up a bit the carb, protein and sodium intake. Water as well. (bot not too much H20 or else i’ll be overhydrating).

Marathon Eve

I insisted on an early night as the ‘little’ run starts at 2.00 a.m. for full marathon AND on top of that pacers have to report at the event venue by 12 midnight..dayemm.. Got  3-4 hours of sleep(only) after a bowl of kuew teow soup !

Marathon A.M.

Woke up not (quite) feeling fresh, a quick shower and headed on to Queensbay Mall. It was already packed with runners and organizers. Took my own time to finish the 2 pieces of bread and kaya (its a type of spread– coconut based) and drank my ‘sodium’ drink. haha..  Ate around 2 hours before race start, then drank the Endurance Drink around 45mins before race start. Toilet visit before race 2x.

Did a short warm up run and stretch before 2.00am.. I was nervous alright but kept myself busy chatting with the other pacers and taking photos. Kam Kasturie, it was nice to bump into you near the stage. and thanks for the photos ! Kam ran his 8th marathon that day. I ran my 1st ! haha.

Start line

PACKED. I stationed myself on the middle pack before gun off. Gotta catch up with other fellow runners and triathlete; Jennifer, Keat Seong, Chin Chin etc. I was not with the other two 4:30 pacers from the start.

To the Half way point

Gun off was a little after 2.00am. No problem there as we all had our timing chips on. I took on an easy ( did not realize it was too easy) pace before catching up with some familiar faces; Bandit, CK, Agnes and Ida. Alan, who I met earlier this year at the Tioman Eco Challenge was also  ahead of me, caught up, paced with him a bit before he signaled that he will be slowing down. Went slowly ahead and had a veteran runner next to me for a bit –Onn Mohd Yusof — nice to mee you Onn ! 🙂 ‘I am 60 years old’ or so, he said. I understood that the message was ‘I am old but can finish this !’ . Was surprised when he told me that he has seen my blog sometimes ago. haha..! an honour ! by the way, he finished at 5:48. Impressive !

Later passed Kiden, and Jabir (Mior Arif) on the Bridge. I was lookin’ and lookin’ at him but he didn’t realize it was me .. hahaha..he said i look half a decade younger..muahahah.. Arif Sukarno, a member of the IIU X TEAM was ahead of me on the bridge (heading to Butterworth. He held on to my pace and was running with me for  3-4 km before slowing down. I had my phone( AND music) with me to entertain myself and other runners on the course (which I passed). haha..Agnes, sorry, next time i bring a big and loud radio ok!! I thought it was loud already leh. hahaa.. but had to ‘part’ from the music after it began to rain. Heavily. Strong wind.. ayayayikesss..

Continued running and I guess the rain only slowed me down, and perhaps some of the runners to. Meng Wang, it was nice of you to run with me. And no, I don’t think you slowed me down ! hahaha.. nice to be talking music while running yeah ?!

After halfway point

Bumped into a few more runners. Saw the other faster guys and gals on the other side heading back to Bayan Lepas( Queensbay) ; Chin Chin, Farid Ellias and a few more.  Passed IM Hamid from Malakoff around 1km before that last U-turn for full marathoners. ‘Jom!‘(Let’s go/come on) . He replied, Go ahead, makan angin je ni ! ( meaning on a vacation/holiday !). Later passed Yahya , also from the IIU X TEAM, and he ran with me for about 3-4km before he slowed down leaving me on a ‘solo’ trip the last 3km before finish. I was not exactly tired, looking at the increasing pace.. I pushed it too early I guess. And the 10k runners ‘eating up’ the full/half marathon lane was more than annoyance. It was a threat as it did , i repeat, it DID endangered us. I heard 1 full marathon runner got knocked down by in coming 10k runners, and another guy (which i saw with my own eyes) got hit HARD on his left shoulder by another 10k runners.

The organizer should look into this and make proper, functional and ‘lasting’ lanes for these 2 categories, have marshalls to guard them at key locations, as well as make sure that the marathon/half marathon route does not clash with the 10k runners !! I was shouting all my might to make sure that the 10k runners stayed out of the way because there were still plenty more half and full marathoners at the back !!!! At 2 occasion I actually stopped to ‘marshall’ the 10k runners, so did another guy ahead of me who shouted (even louder) to get the 10k runners to move aside… penat kat situh je.. and obviously all of these disrupted my pace. It was only at the last 2-3km that the quads started to feel heavy, and each step was anything but painful. and I was looking at my watch over and over, and in the end i knew I was behind the 4:30 mark which I was ‘suppose’ to run.


Never had a stressful finish ever in my life. Ironman, Powerman or any of the 21km/30km were all finished fun and strong. My first marathon ? While I had fun at the beginning and middle of the ‘little’ run, signing up as a pacer ( a 4:30 pacer) , with a white balloon tied to my race belt, and a 4:30 stamped at the back of the yellow new balance jersey given to me for free by the organizers, only added stress and pressure to me. Which was good in a way !

Lesson learnt :

1) back to back major races are not really good. i did ask Camilla Lindholm (I.P.A. #1 woman duathlete) and she said a week gap is just too close..

2) learn to pace during long runs; and bring this attitude and skill in real races

3) its NICE to have some music on (and sharing it) for/with the other runners

4) ample of rest and stay of your feet before major races which involves the legs !

5) practice sports nutrition during training so that it will be easier to apply during the real race

6) never push too hard too early , or in the middle. Save it for the quarter of the marathon. Last 7km and 10km is crucial. This is where you see the guys and gals who were at top speed during the first 5k slowing down, and you began to ‘eat them up’ one,…by one.. (haha!)

Need improvement/attention :

1) pacing WELL

2) getting sufficient mileage (and some speed training as well)

3) making use of the heart rate monitor/techy watches to calculate/display my running pace

Good points

– met more runners

– nice to see strong ladies ahead of me !

– nice to share my music selection with the other runners !


Post race

– bumped into Alex – Powered by Jesus

– hobbled (while trying to maintain a normal walking gait) to the mamak for breakfast 9 toast and 2 half boiled eggs)

-hobbled back to the hotel

– had my recovery drink

– quick shower

– sleep

– back to KL

– back to Kuantan

– and the cycle will repeat..haha..

– updating my race report right now..!

Here , some sweet , fun and (also) painful pics of missjewelz at Penang Bridge International Marathon :-









PENANG BRIDGE INTERNATIONAL MARATHON 2010 - a happy marathon finisher !

happy me with my finisher T ! -- VERY UNLIKE THAT PICTURE OF ME SMILING IN PAIN..!



*though the heavy downpour did exactly not make me run faster, it sure did bring back some memories. My half marathon debut was done in the rain. Tapi hujan pantai timur lah, bukan hujan selat melaka. Date :  25 December  2005 — if I am not mistaken.. I ran the hash harrier half marathon in Kuantan. 🙂 and got 4th placing pasal tak ramai runners in my category ..hihih.. 🙂 Gap between my first half marathon and first full marathon is 5 years. (mak aiihh jauhnye..).. with a couple of triathlons and duathlons in between. not forgetting my IM..! memories…!

Kuantan Hash Harrier - half marathon 2005


Mizuno Wave Run 2010 – photos courtesy of Chan Wing Kai

The camera surely loves me (ayat perasan..). Mr Chan Wing Kai , a Pacesetters member and also photographer have taken some fotos of me before the start and also near the stadium gate before the turn into the track heading to the finishing line. Thank you Chan Wing Kai !!



Before the start !



With Pakcik Mus and Tan Wah Sing from Kuantan Pacesetters
 that a smile?? no la...that's me trying hard to exhale and relax !




heading for the finish line



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