Who the cap fits : A perspective on the self, identity and value

Tucking myself in a corner of a quiet cafe. Last Friday before the upcoming Chinese New Year. Need me some space and time to get this report going. I have am nearing the already forwarded submission dateline and working hard to get it done. Not going through the smoothest ride of my life, but as... Continue Reading →

What’s the cost of an ‘impression’? A note to Gen-Xs.

If you are an observant person, or would like to be more observant on your IG posting reactions (its a reality check), take the number of Likes (in the photos with most likes in your IG), and divide it with the number of followers which you have. Times by 100. That's the percentage of people... Continue Reading →

Physical&mental health series Pt1 :Want to relax your mind and body? Read this (right to the end)

Give this piece its due fair share and hang on right to the end as it does cut across careers, geographical and cultural demography, religion, generations and stress-levels. Whether you are a housewife, a father, business owner, student or a successful/aspiring executive, or even an artist trying to make it big.. this article will provide... Continue Reading →

When facing a person who does not help, but instead make you feel bad – Tips on what to do

We get this occasionally. Get stuck in a situation. AND the person whom you asked for help does nothing to help but instead make 1) the most noise 2) you feel bad/worse Ever experienced this? This could be a telltale sign that that the other person (if this happens on repeated occasion) is Having problem... Continue Reading →

Life & Attachments

Attachments -- One of the things (among the other many things) that we come across and experience in our life. We're 'attached' to something of/from the past and the idea of nudging from that memory seems difficult. Some of us do find comfort and pride from our past. Sometimes relying too much on it that... Continue Reading →

Not blogging

I wanted to update on the race I took part in Tioman 2 weeks ago (8/5) , before the New Balance run. Or even right after. But after the news of Ngae's passing broke, I thought I would give this page a week moment of silence and not updating anything on training or racing. The... Continue Reading →


Hello hello !! 😛 You look really good today ! 😛 Yes, you ! We are sometimes so busy with our life and 'living' demands that we sometimes tend to forget to magically pause and simply cherish the beauty that life has for us. Too busy with work, date lines, presentations, write-ups and stresses. I... Continue Reading →

the Leo in me..

This is, currently, the most sedated period of my life.  The barbiturates and diazepam were induced to me around a month ago, and have continued to lag me, decreasing my interest in some major aspects of my life. What used to be my top priority has been shifted to a few levels down. I'm the... Continue Reading →

Back- to- back

It keeps coming. Enough to keep my on my toes 😛 from the Ironman training to the Ironman debut to the iron heartbreaks and now...to exams. huhuh.. Juggling between academic and sports can be very tricky... I've 2 weeks to go before I can finally declare myself on a real break ! This semester is just too long and... Continue Reading →

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