missjewelz Top 10 Running Tracks

There is something about running which only runners will be advantaged of knowing, and feeling of. Running takes us places. Running meets us with wonderful people, and teaches us some values we overlook in our life in general. Taking it easy , and taking it one at a time are the few of the many... Continue Reading →

Teman Pengganti – Black + Malique

A rare occasion of getting hooked to a new Malay song. This song just crosses the barrier of Malaysian music scene. . I didn't know who Black was (singer of the song) before - until this song came about - thanks to the catchy tunes, and rapping. Lyrics and rapping by Malique, an ex TooPhat... Continue Reading →

A song from the past

I was going round and round Youtube last weekend (after a dreadful and tiring week at work !!!) only to stumble on this 70s tune which I once heard nearly 2 decades ago.. I must be around 11-12 years old when I first this track called 'Yellow River' from a band called Christie, together with... Continue Reading →

Distractions-Paul McCartney

What Is This Thing In Life That Persuades Me To Spend Time Away From You? If You Can Answer This You Can Have The Moon. This Is The Place To Be, Anyway You Can See There's A Lovely View. Why Are There Always So Many Other Things To Do? Distractions, Like Butterflies Are Buzzing 'Round... Continue Reading →

To all reggae (and drum) fans out there

One up to the king of reggae, Robert Nesta Marley (1945-1981).. here's one tune which i have not heard before until recently.. catchy and positive tune, as always from this legendary music icon. it is one of those unreleased track of Bob's.. many reasons.. but from what i have read, he didn't want any love... Continue Reading →

Budi Setahun Segunung Intan

  Jangan cik adik lah sayang Rindukan bulan Bulanlah tinggi cik adik Jauh di awan Orang jauh jangan rindu Orang yang dekat dengarkan teman Teman dicari cik adik Bergurau senda Tidur sebantal cik adik Sanggul berbunga Kasih sayang hamba sembah Sirih dikapur tanda mesra Sirih sekapurlah abang Berseri muka Bunga setangkai cik abang Penyambut kata... Continue Reading →

And We Don’t Give A Dang Dang Dang About Nobody-e-e-e

Listened to this song for the first time on my way to work today on FlyFM. Not the 'real music' kind but enough to get me nodding my head to the bit. Listen on 🙂 and have a beautiful week people. God Bless.  I have included the lyrics as well in case you want to... Continue Reading →

The Old ( Remember This ? ) and The New

Do you have any classics or oldies that you love to hum to ? Or jump upon listening it on the radio ? 🙂 I have plenty ! Some old songs which I listen to are not even the original version and have been covered by other artist. I.e. the ever famous folks song 'House... Continue Reading →

The Time

Sing- a-long now 🙂 (This is international) (Big mega radio smasher) (will.i.am) I’ve had the time of my life And I’ve never felt this way before And I swear this is true And I owe it all to you (Fergie) I’ve had the time of my life And I’ve never felt this way before And... Continue Reading →

Monday morning tune – Reggae

I'll be listening to this for my journey to Kuala Lipis this morning. 🙂 A classic reggae remix by DJ MichaelVee. Songs in the remix include : 1. Cocoa Tea - 18 and over 2.Half Pint - I'm not a substitute lover 3.Shabba Ranks - Champion Lover 4.Cocoa Tea & Nardo Rankin - Rikers Island 5.Wayne... Continue Reading →

John Legend and Estelle Does Reggae

If you're a Bob Marley , UB40 and happen to be a John Legend die hard fan, I am definitely sure you will love this beautiful tune by Legend ft. Estelle. A beautiful collaboration by these two amazing artists with a plentiful zest of Jamaican reggae tunin', you will be able to dance by yourself... Continue Reading →

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