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Home run – 15 Jul 2019!

Its been a tough ride going through a Master's program. Its nearing the end after almost 2 years now. 2 years since I left the comfort (or rather!) of corporate life convenience, where time and pay is more structured with the compromise of flexibility. But hey, I enjoyed totally the learning and experience corporate life... Continue Reading →

No Doubt – Running

Super busy at the moment.. but in all this rush and complex of a mess, I never leave a lighter moment to listen and reminisce to nostalgic deep meaning songs such as this one by No Doubt from the fifth studio album 'Rock Steady' recorded in 2001 and released in 2003. Such a lovely tune... Continue Reading →

Done Did It- Katchafire

Have you ever felt that you 'feel' some song.. or that song simply reminisce some old moments which  you went through, sweet or bitter. Or simple one which just soo describes your feeling, thinking or even the experience you're going through right now? Songs are narratives of life stories with a melody attached to it.... Continue Reading →

Who the cap fits : A perspective on the self, identity and value

Tucking myself in a corner of a quiet cafe. Last Friday before the upcoming Chinese New Year. Need me some space and time to get this report going. I have am nearing the already forwarded submission dateline and working hard to get it done. Not going through the smoothest ride of my life, but as... Continue Reading →

Lyrically 2019 – Song review and video recommendation

It was a swinging 2018. Up, down and all the way around. But was concentrating more on my academic path which I am undertaking, and prepping for my lil one who is about to enter her first year in formal education. Now that she is in, it is about her adapting to her school life,... Continue Reading →

Heck this year is wrapping up pretty soon (and some serious notes to parents)

Isn't it? Scratching my head to get a few things sorted out.. my house, my master's program, my kid going to the big school, and my sanity !! Definitely not hitting the road to anywhere this year end as I've done that the past 2 weeks and couple of months ago down under. A whirlwind... Continue Reading →

Vote Azam for youth empowerment ! : Fjällräven Polar 2019 expedition

Joan of Arc, Napoleon Bonaparte, Dr. Faiz Khaleed, Leon Gabrowsky-- what do these names have in common ? They were all once youth, and peaked in their respective careers and lives as youths. They all had the capacity to give, and when fronted with the challenges, they nailed it right through. Nobody could have imagined... Continue Reading →

On a plan– Attack ! D1 #drop5challenge

I just told a family member who is struggling with being over-weight (and looking for something to do about it) that should external validation and affirmation persist and eventually develop as a must have everytime we are on a mission, it can, sometimes backfire. Depending on the type of person you are, how internal and... Continue Reading →

Early November- A Reflection

Pursuing my master's degree I am fortunate alhamdulillah to start this journey, and I am working to make sure it ends on a solid note as planned. Seekers of knowledge are seekers of the truth, and insyaAllah with only a sincere and right intention may the truth be discovered, learned, and gained. And that very... Continue Reading →

Undisputable sweetness of being on time

I guess you have clicked on this article link due to feeling of curiosity or of being able to speculate what I will be sharing. It is a fact of life that we always seek to improve ourselves in many ways, at different times with different goals. Hence our perception on the road of excellence... Continue Reading →

Handling crazy weeks be like

As much as we truly love having a peaceful and relaxing day, days, or even weeks, there will be a point of time where our auto system kicks in saying that lying all day in bed or going for a vacation like forever won't do you good. There is a difference between rejuvenation (read :... Continue Reading →

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