Al Furqan Academy Open Day (16 July 2017)

Listen up, listen up ! I received a poster invitation from Fariza, a school friend on the Open Day. Info from their Facebook below :- "Assalamu'alaikum Whilst you are all enjoying your time over Eid with family and friends, the Al-Furqan team has been busy plotting and planning. We will be a hosting our very... Continue Reading →

When facing a person who does not help, but instead make you feel bad – Tips on what to do

We get this occasionally. Get stuck in a situation. AND the person whom you asked for help does nothing to help but instead make 1) the most noise 2) you feel bad/worse Ever experienced this? This could be a telltale sign that that the other person (if this happens on repeated occasion) is Having problem... Continue Reading →

Greetings from missjewelz

Salam and hello everybody !!!!!! I hope life is treating you good and you are all in the pinkest of health. Its been a hectic year so far, enjoyable at most and tiring at times but generally my eyes are opened wide enough to understand the true meaning of dedication, commitment and passion-- the similar... Continue Reading →

Dates / Tamar / Kurma Price Guide 2014 (Malaysia) and other dates info

This is a fun project which I stumbled on when looking for where to purchase my dates stock for the upcoming Ramadhan. Date is a type of fruit from date palm. Synonymous with the desert and Arabic Peninsular, the fruit (and tree) has a historical and cultural connection with the Middle East and Indus Valley region. In... Continue Reading →

Chasing the shadows : Part 1

The beauty of simplicity The room was dark except for the light at the entrance corner of the room. The little one was going round and round chasing her own shadow cast by the incandescent ceiling light above her. I watched full of enthusiasm on how she noticed the shadow sneaking beneath her, which disappeared... Continue Reading →

6 weeks to 2014 : Clearing the junks

Looking ahead Its time of the year where most of us will be packing up for a fresh start in 2014. Whether its a new year's resolution, a new work place, moving homes or even venturing into new careers. For some of us its transgressing in our careers while working on how to better achieve... Continue Reading →

That which doesn’t come in seasons (unlike racing seasons)

IM Langkawi ! Ironman Langkawi 2014. Whooaaaaaaa...!! And since then I've been getting questions along the line of... ' Sudah register? Jom Julie 2014, Julie you joining? Julie you taking part in Ironman?  The untruthful answer: Will think about it, will consider. The bottom pit of my heart answer: My daughter is still young for... Continue Reading →

The days that go by..

Some Julie updates Counting down to the big day. Will pop anytime from now as I am full term. Parents excited, hubby excited. I'm excited as well - like duh ! Time flies sooooooo fast these days (well-- more like these years..) you have to always give a step back, catch a breather and reflect.... Continue Reading →

Cutting the Q – v0.1

Malaysia's 'Mind Your Own Business' Culture I was right at the front end of a taxi stand queue yesterday to get home after work, waiting for a cab (what else..) when a lady in the middle of the queue stuck out her hand to hail a passing cab. This was the 3rd time in less... Continue Reading →

A missJeweLz reflection..

2004 My first blog entry was not too long ago. I started writing (in 2004) as a past time whenever I am not listening to lectures or having a date with a thick medical text book. Plus the free access to the computer lab (oh uni days..). Basically the IT lab guy can already familiarize... Continue Reading →

A True Account : Near-miss Kidnapping at The Curve, Mutiara Damansara

A colleague forwarded this account to me this morning and I feel obliged to share this with you, if you are reading. We hear cases of this nature almost every other day here in Malaysia. I will not have to list all the cases here as there are plenty of sources on that. Her story... Continue Reading →


When the Vaio crashed Salam and Happy Sunday everybody ! I am writing this on my iPhone thanks to my Vaio which crashed-- and now going on the data rescue mode. NEW JOB It has been 2 full weeks for me. I started with my new job with a new company on the 3rd of... Continue Reading →

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