DRCC KOM Challenge 2018 – Race report

A little flashback My first experience taking part in a hill-climb event was at the Shimano U.C.I. - King of Mountain Ipoh in 2011. 54km of endless climbing from Simpang Pulai (start at Bomba* Simpang Pulai). *(oh did you know that 'bomba' (Bahasa Melayu for fireman) actually originates from the Portugese language? Bombeiro ! The... Continue Reading →

When you want something..

GO GET IT. PERIOD ! Bringing optimism to our daily breath is by choice. Whether we want to execute the plans in thought, or let it breeze away like the cool morning wind. The Yes and No that interplays is a game. The mind game. How keen and committed we are in getting to execute... Continue Reading →

Cycle and Carey

Salam and greetings everybadeyyhh !!! How is your week so far ? Hope all is looking good. Took leave from work on Wednesday to bring the lil' one for her 5 months jab. 2 jabs on her bum bum, a loud (and short) cry. Lucky me ! Alhamdulillah Aqilah is 5 months now, and will... Continue Reading →

Ramadhan Mubarak

Ramadhan Mubarak Wishing all my Muslim brothers and sisters out there Ramadhan Mubarak (Blessed Ramadhan). Its been 6 days since the first day of this holy month. May the rest that follow be utilised and occupied with good deeds, practice humility and self control apart from refraining ourselves from food and drinks from dawn to... Continue Reading →

Coming up : LeTua 100 : Nothing Else Matters

What LeTua 100 : Nothing Else Matters When Date : 13th May 2012 Time : 7.30am - 3.00pm Where (Start & end venue) Universiti Institut Teknologi Mara (UiTM) Puncak Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan Click the link above to view map (PDF) Who Cycling clubs ● Individual riders from all age group Bicycles ● Road Bikes... Continue Reading →

Balls and Wheels

  Balls Took part in my first ever futsal tourney 2 weeks ago for my department. Despite making it through the finals and eventually coming up 2nd for the Ladies category, my futsal skill is terrible if none ! Hahaa. Seriously, I may kick balls during tri events, but I know nuts when it comes... Continue Reading →

What’s Next ?

Malaysia 1- Indonesia 0 Okay, hands up any of you who did not catch the Indonesia vs Malaysia quarter final match 2 nights ago? We won 1-0. thanks to the goal from Syahrul Azwari. Catch the telecast repeat on Astro (if any/if you can). I made sure I was in front of the TV last... Continue Reading →

Sempah & Bentong Revisited

My first ride through G. Sempah after 2 years ! Cycled the normal JHEOA, Batu 12 Jln Gombak to Pekan Bentong (R&R 15 mins at Restoran Zaliah near Sek. Teknik Tengku Ampuan Afzan) and back. Weather was awesome. Pace: easy. No complaints. Video taken on the way back to Batu 12 as I was going... Continue Reading →

‘Trend Berbasikal Kembali Lagi’ – Wanita Hari Ini, TV3, 19.9.2011

Sudah pastinya dalam apa jua perkara yang kita lakukan atau alami akan melalui zon 'buat pertama kali'. Bagi saya, hari ini 19 September 2011 merupakan kali pertama saya menjejak kaki di bumi Dataran Prima, sebagai jemputan mewakili Cycling Asia ke studio TV3 untuk program 'live-talk' 'Wanita Hari Ini. Ingatkan nak ambil leave today, tapi tak... Continue Reading →

Wanita Hari Ini TV3 – Monday, 19.9.2011

Salam and greetings. Been a while since my last post ! Harap-harap kawan-kawan dan pembaca missjewelz.wordpress.com sihat dan sejahtera semuanya. Anyways, straight to updates :- missjewelz will be on air today from 12-1pm on Wanita Hari Ini (WHI) TV3. I was given the uncalled honour by Cycling Asia(CA) to speak on behalf of them, together... Continue Reading →

Doa untuk Encik Saifudin – ayahanda kepada Capitz Saifudin, driver Le Tua Cycling Team @ LTDL 2011

Salam sejahtera. Buat semua komuniti berbasikal Malaysia dan penyokong/follower Team LeTua dan LTDL, ingin dimaklumkan bahawa Encik Saifudin, ayahanda kepada driver rasmi team LeTua di Le Tour de Langkawi (Capitz Shipuden ) kini berada dalam kritikal dan telah diwadkan ke ICU, Tingkat 3, di Hospital Ampang sejak semalam. Doa untuk beliau, Encik Saifudin, amatlah dialu-alukan.... Continue Reading →

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