Using our brains for a safer driving experience (and when facing drivers from hell)

One can never be too careful these days living, and trying to make a living here in the bustling colourful sometimes represented city of Kuala Lumpur. With the crime rate increasingly soaring as portrayed by the media, we are either taking a back sit watching everything and hope nothing happens to us and our loved... Continue Reading →

10 Ways to Raya More Economically

1. Dig the 'tukar langsir baru' tradition - the current curtain looks fine ! If you have to, exchange it with the other set you haven't used for quite some time. Your guests will not be able to tell, and would most probably compliment you as it looks nice, cheerful and suited for the celebration... Continue Reading →

Putting meaning to things, and how to slow down !

The new look and feel The mind (and soul) game My determination Now what VS What's next For the sports enthusiast : 'How to slow down' ? The new look and feel I've recently changed the layout, look and feel of this blog. Since was first launched, post my migration from blogspot to worpress... Continue Reading →

Lil’ Princess turns 1 month !

Syukur... My little girl turn 1 month today ! Alhamdulillah genap sebulan bersama -- and I am feeling truly blessed with this beautiful gift. Time will certainly fly before I stop announcing how old she turns each month, and each year--as do other parents on their Facebook/Tweets ! But this one is a milestone for me and... Continue Reading →

Eid Mubarak !!

Di kesempatan ini, saya ingin mengucapkan Selamat Hari Raya kepada semua Muslimin dan Muslimat di luar sana yang mengenali atau tidak mengenali diri ini. Dua tangan dihulur dengan ucapan ribuan maafan atas segala salah dan silap, sengaja atau tidak sengaja. Semoga Allah sentiasa mencucuri rahmat dan keampunan atas kalian yang masih hidup, dan juga ke... Continue Reading →

Ramadhan Spirit + Olympics

Questions...questions.. Salam and greetings. Four days to Eid u Fitr ! 🙂 Man, Ramadhan this year went by rather quickly innit ? Pejam celik, we're already in the last week of this holy month. Hopefully it has been a good Ramadhan spiritually and physically for all of us. This is the bonus month for all... Continue Reading →

God won’t ask

Received an email from an old friend and only today my fidgety fingers directed me to click open the email. It is an obligation and interest to share it with all of you who happen to click on my post link 🙂 God Bless, and have a good read. In the worldly rush to achieve... Continue Reading →

‘The Voice’

Apparently a 3rd voice repeated after my colleague who called another colleague's name yesterday (Sunday) .[ It was just the 2 of them in the office to finish off some work.... ]. I asked my colleague was there a gender to the voice, and how loud was it.. She said it was a deep, woman's voice... Continue Reading →

A missJeweLz reflection..

2004 My first blog entry was not too long ago. I started writing (in 2004) as a past time whenever I am not listening to lectures or having a date with a thick medical text book. Plus the free access to the computer lab (oh uni days..). Basically the IT lab guy can already familiarize... Continue Reading →

Halu ….!

Salam Jumaat kepada semua para pembaca yang sama ada kebetulan membaca entri ini.. and to those who have subscribed to 🙂 Been waiting for this breather to actually write ANYTHING.. boy it does feel a lil strange not being able to update this dearest blog of mine lately. Anyways, I hope its not too... Continue Reading →

Teluk Cempedak (TC) Run is Back !

Hi everybody. 🙂 How is it so far this week? 🙂 Your bosses breathing down your neck already ? Or are you struggling with that presentation you were suppose to finish last week? And how was your weekend ? 🙂 Good? Mine was okay *two thumbs up*. Managed to force this lazy butt to do... Continue Reading →

A True Account : Near-miss Kidnapping at The Curve, Mutiara Damansara

A colleague forwarded this account to me this morning and I feel obliged to share this with you, if you are reading. We hear cases of this nature almost every other day here in Malaysia. I will not have to list all the cases here as there are plenty of sources on that. Her story... Continue Reading →

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