When facing a person who does not help, but instead make you feel bad – Tips on what to do

We get this occasionally. Get stuck in a situation. AND the person whom you asked for help does nothing to help but instead make 1) the most noise 2) you feel bad/worse Ever experienced this? This could be a telltale sign that that the other person (if this happens on repeated occasion) is Having problem... Continue Reading →

Almost 36,000 runners at 9th Standard Chartered KL Marathon – Kenyan Cosmas romps home in personal best

KUALA LUMPUR, 21 May 2017: Close to 36,000 runners converged on Dataran Merdeka to take part in the 9th edition of the Standard Chartered KL Marathon today. Cosmas Matolo Muteti,from Kenya won the Full Marathon Men’s Open category in a time of 2:18:43 to take home USD17,500 while the Full Marathon Women’s Open category was... Continue Reading →

Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon 2017 – Race kit collection (18 – 20May 2017)

If you are a seasoned runner where yearly you've ran a number of races, the race kit/pack collection as you may feel, is part of 'the' event. The anxiety and nervousness if you would like to put it, starts when you attend the race kit collection -- bumping into running and training buddies, ex colleagues... Continue Reading →

Be yourself – just better

I detect that most if not some of us are hard-wired in sensing energy levels of environments, particularly from people who we meet, whether its a stranger, an affiliate, some one who knew from the past or those who we meet and converse with on daily basis. Energy in broad terms can be used to... Continue Reading →

Coming back to claim your fitness goal? Here are 5 tips.

Step 1 Whether its a 'return' , challenge or simply ,to be fit and healthy again, give yourself a pat on the back. This is the first step to claiming a fitness goal, THE WANTING ! Ready? Read on ! Step 1 For this first step of getting back your fitness, you should have at least... Continue Reading →

Penang International Duathlon and Triathlon 2016

Triathlon history in Pulau Mutiara, Pulau Pinang If there is one event I have definitely been missing out, it will be this one. For a fourth time this year ! Please leave a shout out in the comment box if you did participate in the multisports event held in Pulau Pinang Pulau Mutiara (Pear of... Continue Reading →

Exercise for a healthy heart ! Set your goals clearer.

The Malaysian scenario: How many times have you came across family members, friends or colleagues who workout to shred off pounds? To make that skinny jeans fit again? Wedding prep? or because of your GP constantly bugging you that your health report is showing no improvement from the last one.. (think..).     Many of... Continue Reading →

Styling it Sporty Chic with Reebok !

If there is one thing which keeps a lady motivated, it surely will be keeping that fit and healthy look ON all year, year after year. You don't have to be at the gym to be rocking your sporty side as you can still rock that sporty look anywhere (think work, errands, your favourite TV... Continue Reading →

Ramadan Kareem comes knocking again. Will we learn and wake up this time ?

I've taken a look back at my previous years post and noticed that I do blog  a Ramadan Kareem post to welcome this most holy and much awaited month. You know, the regular crescent moon image with some beautiful calligraphy. The same thing I would do in other social media for that matter. To celebrate... Continue Reading →

Big Bad Wolf Book Sale, Mines International Exhibition & Convention Centre (5-16 December 2014)

If you have not thought of going, or still in between on giving this book sale a shot, I would highly recommend for you to go. This year it is held at the Mines International Exhibition & Convention Centre. Do not be put off by the location or the fact that the convention centre looks like... Continue Reading →


The # For those following me on IG, you might have noticed this hashtag. I was recently on a 28 days-to-lean-meal plan where I do 5 meals daily consisting mainly protein, fiber and greens. It was a very interesting journey of consciously paying attention to what enters the body, thanks to the lean meal plan... Continue Reading →

What’s Your Problem, Tony?

Blog review by missjewelz : Part 1 -matrodi.my What's Your Problem, Tony? I 'Press'ed the article above from matrodi.my. I have not heard of the blogger before. Saw his article link earlier today and went on to read the article. The title is relevantly catchy to attract curious heads like me. The blogger seems very... Continue Reading →

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