Last Week : In Pictures

My life is made up by pillars and columns of family, loved ones, friends and those who I've met, said hello and goodbyes to. Loves love. And hates hate. Life is too short to waste on people who do not deserve you. It does not take a lot to be happy, as you can see... Continue Reading →

For real..?

I have been hibernating for a bit and focusing on other priorities. Started to get back in action to get some form n fitness back. I tell you, it's not easy . But it wasn't as hard as many months of holding back and telling myself that I have to be patient and keep focusing... Continue Reading →

Good news to all followers !

It took me just one click to discover why most of my blog follower are having problem to leave comments on my blog ! Settings>Discussion>Uncheck the 'users must log in to comment box !!' But only after 68,000 hits ++ on plus 1 useful advice from a friend before I   finally gotta know how... Continue Reading →

missJeweLz getting a jab after MTB crash ! post 2nd mtb crash in Johor. First one was at Lembah Kiara Trail. 😛 Team mate decided to take a corner without any signal/caution during warm up. LOL.. Turn your volume up to hear to the conversation between me and the little boy. Conversation in Malay 🙂

Gunung Nuang invitation: Walk and Cherish Mother Nature ! – 18/4/09

What : Walking UP and Cleaning UP Where : Gunung Nuang Meeting point : Gunung Nuang car park When : 18/4/2009 (Saturday) What time : 0645hrs End : approx. 1300hrs What to bring : yourself, some water4u2 drink along d hike, gloves not necessary, clothes to change, some money to buy ice-cream from the ice-cream... Continue Reading →

Perhentian Island Challenge- Part 2

This is the continuation from PIC Part 1. Just wanna do  a special shout out hiyah to all my new friends whom I met and made throughout the Perhentian Challenge. From the bus journey, to the sumbat-in-one-chalet- moments..hahahah...  Initially it was a team per tent. But since Bad, me, Diba and Zul tagged along frm the... Continue Reading →

Perhentian Island Challenge 2008- Part 1

Salam, Hola !, G'day ! Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir dan Batin ! Happy Deepavali ! Been quite a hiatus for .. Really busy since puasa month ! Anyways, I'm back and can't wait to write my maiden PIC report ! For starters, here are a few raya pics !     my younger... Continue Reading →

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