Return to the Teluk

So here I am, at the Teluk (bay). Only now, after years of repeated visits, I am back with my offsprings. My 2 blessed lil angels sent from the above.

Such a stark reminder while things and events change, certain things take their own steady course, to remain. Unchanged. Take the Teluk for example, it has remained beautiful and serene since my first time setting my foot here many years ago. Nothing has changed much except for its landmark (huge) rocks lining the bay.

It seems they have given away to the rough waves of Laut Champa (Champa Sea) or what its called in this modern era ‘South China Sea’. Erosion.. unfortunately has and will change the landscape here…

While it was a casual walk and later on an actual ‘rock climbing’ session with the girls, just sitting on the rock was very blissful for me. I could have sat for hours if I were alone! I mentioned to the girls, when they get older, to remember that their mummy used to take them to Teluk Chempedak, and took them up them rocks.

On the other end from where we sat, was yet another spot. Where I used to take morning walks with my buddies, taking with us ‘nasi lemak’, a traditional Malay breakfast. That was then… years before monkeys, a major source of nuisance here in the Teluk.. and dare to grab any food they can from innocent visitors!

missJeweLz Jr. taking charge of her art piece
And this brave one observing the waves. It was pretty strong this morning.
Check out the lovely view. But..I do not recommend small kids up this rock. Its only WITH close and uninterrupted supervision.

Till we meet again Champa Bay (Teluk Cempedak).

p.s. and everything else revolves.. life..age.. health.. circumstances..

26 November 2020

Kuantan, Pahang Darul Makmur


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