Done Did It- Katchafire

Have you ever felt that you ‘feel’ some song.. or that song simply reminisce some old moments which  you went through, sweet or bitter. Or simple one which just soo describes your feeling, thinking or even the experience you’re going through right now? Songs are narratives of life stories with a melody attached to it. The more the melody jives with your internal tune, you will find that ‘that’ song just helped you paint the whole picture. What you’re left with, is turning that volume dial UP. And play that song on repeat ! I reviewed a couple of songs lately.. that was lit listening to classics. See, these narratives are not old, doesn’t wither with time and definitely relevant till now as long as you can relate to it. Hence you find songs buzzing your life stories.. Cool eh? It goes as long as you’re a human, you life experience doesn’t vary that much.. Wherever you are. we keep singing the same song.. and  you let the song do the talking..


I was introduced to Katchafire (a reggae band from New Zealand) by a friend 10 years ago.. and their songs stuck with me until now. Thanks to that friend, you know who you are (“,).  But the song which I am sharing in a bit is one which I rarely listened (of this band) to despite being one of their catchy and up-paced and fast-beat songs. What struck me was the cheekiness and frankness of the song. No interpretation needed. Well, I won’t keep you long.. enjoy the song and lyrics below ! Cheerios guys… its a cool song.. put those headphone and VOL Uppahhh ! Sing along !



Oh no you done did it
No you did not do that at all
I won’t let you forget it
Won’t let you forget this at all
Blowing out like a light bulb
Feel the aroma
Feeling left out in the cold
You best go home

If you want it you got it don’t wait for no one
Go run to your surprise
If you want it go get it don’t wait for no one
Got to take your own advice

I’lI go blame it on Kenneth
And it’s not even Kenneth’s fault
Why don’t you admit it
Been acting funny but we’ve known it all
Its blowing up in your face now
Like an explosion
Someone’s taking your place now
Don’t say I told ya

Hey you got to wake up, got to get out, got to get movin’

The most lit lyrics when you need that kick in the boot on how to take your own advice, and go running if you really want something. Wait for no one , go run to your surprise !



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