On a plan– Attack ! D1 #drop5challenge

I just told a family member who is struggling with being over-weight (and looking for something to do about it) that should external validation and affirmation persist and eventually develop as a must have everytime we are on a mission, it can, sometimes backfire. Depending on the type of person you are, how internal and external motivation works differently for you. But eventually, as I have learnt it, internal motivation has a more sustainable effect on what moves or shakes us. More predictable in a way.


And as of today, I am restarting again a challenge called #drop5challenge which I have previously shared and assisted a few  friend in achieved their fitness goals including achieving a healthier weight. We a have our struggles and stories when it comes to this issue. I am aiming to shed a few percent of my body fat, and hopefully that 5kilos comes as a by product to that achievement. So my internal motivation is primarily health — not just for me sake, but for obvious reasons–  imma raisin’ a family and momma need to be fit- physically and mentally. I love sports, i love being active, but I know at my age and lifestyle, more can be done. 10 years ago being at the peak of my physical being ie active and performing in the multisports scene I enjoy the privilege of being lean.. not mean, and not thin! Of course I didn’t think much of it from the health perspective. But now more so.. I need to approach this topic of health and fitness more wisely. According to spinemd.com:-


“One of the toughest challenges is maintaining a healthy body composition, or the percentages of lean tissue and fat mass. Starting in our mid-forties, we begin to lose muscle mass and progressively accumulate fat mass. On average, between the ages of 40-60, a person gains about 1 pound of fat per year and loses a 1/2 pound of muscle.”


So please join me on my journey if you are also on a similar path. We do appreciate inner beauty, but we are also responsible in taking care of our physical & mental well-being. So let’s drop some 5kilos and stay sane while at it !


Feel free to drop me an email at 2milejourney (@) gmail (.) com should you be interested in joining me in this journey. Chat with you later !


Feelin’ it after a morning swim !





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